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3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

5 Ways 3D Rendering Services Can Boost Your Business

How do you sell an idea, a product in the design stage, or a new build before it actually exists? It’s a problem that has bedevilled businesses for decades. Until fairly recently we’ve relied on ‘artist’s impressions’ to bring 2D plans to life for customers. But now 3D rendering services are proving to be a ‘game changer’ for businesses.

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the process of taking a 2D plan or design (such as a blueprint, or floor plan) and transforming it into a 3D photo-realistic image. It’s a bit like the transition from screenplay to finished film. What starts out as a script, some actors and a film set is transformed into a realistic representation of real life.

Here are some examples of 3D rendering:

  • 3D Visualisation – turning a design concept into the finished product
  • Architectural Rendering – a photo-realistic image of a property from the architect’s plans
  • Fly Through Animation – take a tour of an interior which doesn’t yet exist
  • Process Animation – show how something works using 3D rendering

More and more businesses are finding ways that this innovative new technology can boost their sales. Here are 5 of the most compelling examples we’ve seen so far:

1. Rendering Improves the Customer Experience 

The conversion of a 2D plan, to a 3D realisation is difficult unless your brain has been trained to make the transition. 3D rendering offers a great service for customers who are struggling to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist. There’s a great emphasis now on the customer journey which should, ideally, be pleasurable and frictionless. 3D rendering makes communicating abstract ideas easier – which is hugely positive for customers.

2. Photo-Realistic Imagery Makes Design Easier 

Imagine that you’re working on a fit-out project with a number of stakeholders involved. You’ve got the initial designs and you need feedback quickly, but everybody’s reading the plans slightly differently. Now imagine that the fit-out design arrives as a series of images showing what the new interior will look like in operation. The feedback would be much quicker arriving, and everybody will be working with the same ‘version’ of reality.

3. 3D Imagery Boosts Marketing  

The problem of having no images for your website disappears with the creation of 3D imagery. Whatever it is that you’re selling to your customers, they will appreciate being able to see ‘What it is’, and ‘How it works’. Rendering allows businesses to create HD photo-realistic imagery, or animations that show how processes work in real time.

4. Increase Your Online Presence 

Once you have a range of computer generated imagery (CGI), you have numerous ways that it can be shared, disseminated and displayed both in print and online. If you haven’t managed to break into YouTube yet, a fly through animation, or a short video demonstrating how your product works, can be loaded onto this hugely popular platform.

5. Branding In Action

The problem that businesses have with products in development is the same problem that businesses have when choosing their new branding and logo. Rendered imagery can demonstrate the use of a logo in a range of contexts, such as on a trade stand, featured on merchandise, or installed on glass partitions. Often it’s far easier to make a decision when you can see a design in situ.

Imagefix Provides Professional 3D Rendering Services

The design team at Imagefix is tremendously excited about the potential this innovative new technology opens up. We’re currently providing 3D rendering services for clients in a range of sectors and they’re delighted with the opportunities it affords them. As a design agency 3D rendering increases the ways we can help clients increase their online presence, boost their marketing, and develop the SEO authority of their brand.

Want to find out more about how 3D rendering services can boost your business? Call the Imagefix team today on 01525 715608