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3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation Brings Projects to Life

Do our brains respond differently to words and pictures? It seems so. When listening to a description of a house, for example, your brain is busy working through all your available ‘house’ references to match what you’re being told. If, however, you have a 3D visualisation of a house put in front of you, the brain goes to work in a different way. It ‘reads’ the detail of the picture, and stores the mass of information it gleans.

The result is that your brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than words. The brain also retains images accurately over several days, whilst words fade from memory more quickly. Most marketing experts will tell you that pictures ‘sell’ better than words – and in this instance, they’re with the science and right on the money.

3D Visualisation as a Marketing Tool

Selling something that doesn’t exist yet is hard – ask any estate agent. That’s why 3D visualisation (otherwise known as Architectural CGI, or 3D Rendering) is such a powerful marketing tool. Whether you’re trying to sell homes under development, innovative new products currently in R&D, or a new way of doing things, 3D visualisation transforms words into the immediacy of an image.

Making Communication Easier

Ever had that moment when you realise everyone ‘saw’ a different interior in their heads? 3D visuals ensure that everyone on the project team is able to see and review designs throughout every stage of the planning. And if tweaks are are required, everyone can see how individual changes impact the design as a whole. 3D rendering makes collaboration easy.

3D Conversations Have Staying Power

‘Would you like to see what I’m talking about?’ is probably one of the most powerful marketing gambits available. Clear the desk of plans and elevations, and offer instead a visual presentation comprising an experience of a property, product, or rental space. Pictures bring stories into play, and story-telling wraps words around images in a way that further enhances the longevity of their residence in your brain.

Marketing Examples of 3d Visualisations

Imagefix has seen the use of 3D rendering expand rapidly over the past few years. It’s now regularly used as part of a website design, as a social media value-add, or a presentation tool for conferences or sales. Here’s a selection of the kind of work we’re providing for our clients:

  • Architectural CGI – We regularly provide CGI rendering for estate agents and property developers.
  • Architectural Flythrough – Using animated architectural visualisations allows buyers to understand the space from an experiential perspective.
  • CGI Animation – Where customers need to understand a process, animation is a great explainer. We created a fuelling system video for an engineering client.

Tell Us About the 3D Visualisation You Need From Us

The great thing about working with CGI technology is that it’s an innovative, rapidly developing field. The Imagefix team has been lucky enough to work in a growing industry, and we love the challenge of delivering what our customers need. So let us know what you need 3D visualisation to do, and we will find a way of making it happen!

Would you like to know more about 3D visuals? Call Imagefix today to talk to one of our team about creating the imagery you need – 01525 715608