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5 Business Benefits of SEO Blogging

5 Business Benefits of SEO Blogging

What is SEO Blogging & How Does it Benefit Your Business

Businesses considering whether or not to include a blog on their new website may question whether anyone still reads them. In fact, they do. 77% of users questioned recently, said that they accessed and read blogs regularly, and 10% of marketers said blogs gave them their highest ROI.  In this article, we take a close look at 5 business benefits of SEO blogging.

What is SEO Blogging?

SEO blogging refers to the writing and online publication of blogs in order to improve a client’s search engine ranking. Search engines use hundreds of ‘ranking factors’ in order to determine the positioning of pages online. Search engine optimisation is applied by specialists, in order to make websites and blogs ‘search engine friendly’. SEO blogging includes:

  • SEO Keyword Research. This is the process of finding appropriate words or phrases which match the search queries used by online shoppers.
  • Link Building. The creation of links between other websites and your own helps to improve the authority of your domain.
  • Image Optimisation. Ensuring that images are an appropriate size and format, and creating alt.tags to enable Google understand the images included.
  • Content Writing. Providing accurate, informative and original content that answers queries regularly entered into the search engines.

5 Business Benefits of SEO Blogging

In the early days of SEO blogging, the most cynical creators simply packed high volume keywords into blogs that were largely without value to the reader. Google has now outlawed this practice; in order to rank using SEO, a blog must offer value to the reader, provide original, carefully referenced material, and demonstrate specialist knowledge.

What is SEO Blogging?

1. Gain a Greater Understanding of Your Customers

Keyword research offers two linked benefits. First it provides you with a clear understanding of the words and phrases your customers use when searching for your product. Second, you learn about the kinds of things they want to know in relation to that product. With this knowledge in place, clear decisions can be made about website navigation, page titles and the kind of blogs to write.

2. Reach More Customers

Once you begin to use relevant keywords in your SEO blogging, and provide blogs that address customer pain points, you’ll begin to attract more customers to your brand. As this happens, your ranking in the search engines will improve and this too will draw more customers to your site. SEO keywords are like a language you can use to speak directly to online shoppers.

3. Develop a Position as a Market Leader

When you post interesting content, that your customers want to read, you start to build a reputation as a trusted source of knowledge online. A business that both demonstrates and shares its expertise, is one that customers will be prepared to trust, recommend to others, and – most important – buy from.

4. Create Content That People Want to Share

The right information at the right time can quickly go viral in our online environment. Whatever your expertise it’s worth looking out for opportunities to apply that knowledge to real world problems. For example, when energy prices shot up, a blog with a list of prices per hour for all household appliances quickly became a sensation that everyone was linking to, quoting, and sharing.

5. Keep People Coming Back to Your Site

If you know that you have a readership for your blog, you can use it to leverage other kinds of communication. Ask readers if they would like to receive email newsletters and promotions, or create Q & A sessions on social media. SEO blogging gives you the potential to turn your site into something more than a sales hub.

Imagefix Offers SEO Blogging Expertise  

At Imagefix we provide a range of businesses with SEO blogging services, from wealth managers and local tradesmen to engineers and logistics specialists. Our SEO products and services are designed to provide you with maximum online impact. We’ll ensure that you achieve a high ranking for the geographical area you serve, and we can also optimise your website content using researched keywords that will return better conversions.

Want to know more the 5 business benefits of SEO blogging? Call the Imagefix SEO specialists today on 01525 715608 and let’s start talking about increasing your sales.