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5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results from Social Media

5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results from Social Media

5 Reasons You’re not Seeing Results from Your Social Media

“Social media just doesn’t work for my business.” We’ve all heard this, or felt like it. And many businesses tell us that they just can’t find a way to justify the hours spent on social media, for the meagre returns they’re getting. Truth is that social media for businesses is a hard nut to crack, especially if you don’t have a dedicated person on the case.

We’re here to tell you not to give up too easily. Truth is that everyone goes through that stage of feeling like social media is a club they’ll never belong to. And most businesses that persevere find a way through the block. Engaging on Twitter, or Facebook, or Pinterest really does help to build your brand and strengthen your SEO ranking – so it’s worth the pain!

For those of you wondering whether to throw the towel in, here are 5 reasons why you might not be getting the results you’re looking for.

 1. You May Not Have Found the Right Platform Yet

Most businesses gravitate towards Facebook by default. But it may not be the right platform for you. It takes time to get to know how each of the platforms work, and to work out where you belong. B2B companies tend to gravitate towards Twitter and LinkedIn, and B2C businesses tend to prefer Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Remember, though, there’s no hard and fast rules.

2. Perhaps You’re Expecting Too Much Too Soon

We’re conditioned to think that social media is fun, simple and comes naturally. Truth is – it’s not. Ask any teenager and they’ll tell you it’s a full time job! So you’ve spent an hour putting together a post, adding hashtags and inserting emojis. That’s OK – you’re learning. So nobody’s even ‘liked’ it. That’s fine – you’re finding out how to create posts that your audience value.

3. You Thought You Wouldn’t Need to Spend Any Money

Clients are sometimes horrified at the thought of paid advertising on social media. Because it’s supposed to be free! Whatever way you look at it, social media will cost you. When developing social media strategies for clients, we use a blended approach. Boosts, and adverts are effective for getting a new product or service in front of lots of customers, fast. While the regular posts build a solid and authentic presence.

4. You’re Telling, Not Sharing

As a rule of thumb, social media is 80% about the audience and 20% about your product. Having said that, we do have clients who post 80% product successfully, but they’re in the minority. It can be a lengthy process, finding out how your audience wants to engage, but once you crack the code, life gets a whole lot easier. Why? Because having followers who are active means that you have less work to do.

5. You’re Desperate for a Golden Bullet

There isn’t one. It’s tempting to try every new trend, and slavishly copy what the big brands do. But what your followers are looking for is something that’s authentically you. It’s uncanny the way your audience knows if you’re copying someone else’s idea. If you do want to use a trending technique, make it absolutely your own, and be honest about where you got the idea.

Imagefix Offers Social Media Management

Whilst social media engagement is valuable for every business, not every business will want to invest the time and energy. That’s why Imagefix offers a social media marketing management service. We take time to learn about your business, and your customers. We work with you to develop a marketing strategy. Then we create engagement as if we were you. And if, at some point, you want to take over – that’s fine with us!

Imagefix finds the right platform for your product, and builds your audience and social engagement. Want to know more? Call us on 01525 715608 to talk to an expert.