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5 Valentine’s Content Ideas

5 Valentine’s Content Ideas

Kick the Winter Blues With Some Valentine’s Day Content

Spring is around the corner, but for now the mornings are chilly and it still gets dark far too early. Your website visitors could probably do with a bit of heart-warming content to get them through February. Whatever your business, there’s a way to give it a Valentine’s slant, and if you’re stuck for inspiration, the Imagefix team has come up with 5 Valentine’s content ideas to revive the romance in you.

1. Creative Dating Ideas

Our content creators relish the annual Valentine’s content challenge. Last year we created a blog post around Valentine’s romantic dates in cars for a garage owner! In fact, the bigger the leap you have to make between product and romance, the more creative you can be:

  • Bookshops – Romantic Moments to Re-create on a Date.
  • Financial Services – How to Show Your Investments Some Love.
  • Electricians – Light Your Home & Garden For Romance.

2. Falling in Love – With Products and People

The love story is something that people never tire of. Maybe two employees in your business have got engaged this year and wouldn’t mind sharing their story in a blog. eCommerce brands often have products that customers fall in love with; a social media post asking for fun photos of your product romance, could be turned into a great blog post.

Best of all, though, are Valentine’s videos whether they go onto Tik-Tok, Facebook or your website. They can be soppy, sentimental, funny, or ironic – whatever best suits the ‘voice’ of your brand.

Falling in Love – With Products and People
Create a ‘How to’ Recipe Blog

3. Create a ‘How to’ Recipe Blog

Not everyone wants a big night out on Valentine’s; there are plenty of people who will want to treat their Valentine to a romantic meal at home. The great thing about the recipe theme is that it offers opportunities for so many different sectors. If you sell alcohol, food, homemade desserts, takeaway dishes, candles, linens, or lighting you can demonstrate the ways that your product will enhance the romantic experience

4. Checklists, or Q&As

Wondering how to give your wine sales a boost? Host a Q&A on Facebook Live, offering advice on the best wines to serve with your Valentine’s meal of choice. If you’re offering food recipes, surprise gift ideas, or décor inspiration, post photos to inspire your followers, and then create a checklist, taking people through the process of cooking, buying, or decorating step-by-step.

5. Alternative Valentines Content

Spare a thought for all those people who detest Valentine’s. There’s lots of them; so, it’s worth investing some time in content that offers them a different way to celebrate the day. In Finland, for example, Valentines is known as Ystävänpäivä,  which translates as ‘day of friends’. Celebrations of friendship as a special bond include cards, gifts and outings. Valentine’s may also be a day to honour someone you’ve lost, a time to remember the unique and special love you felt for them.

Looking for Great Content?

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