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5 Ways to Add Christmas Cheer to Your WordPress Website

5 Ways to Add Christmas Cheer to Your WordPress Website

It’s that time of year again when people are looking for ways to shed their Scrooge-like tendencies and embrace the goodwill that only Christmas can bestow. You can help the process along by customising your website to reflect the holiday season.

If you have a WordPress website, you’ll be used to adding features and making changes to your website by activating free plugins. At this time of year there’s plenty of warmth and festivity to choose from. The Imagefix team has chosen 5 of our favourites to fill your visitors’ hearts with Christmas cheer.

1. Light the Christmas Lights

At the darkest point of the year, we enjoy adding spectacular illuminations to town centres, adorning the exterior of our houses, or draping Christmas trees with lights. Give your website a lift by adding a string of animated Christmas lights. It’s not too showy; just a gentle nod in the direction of the festive season.

2. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Once you’ve discovered this weather effect plugin, you’ll want to use it throughout the year! Not only does it cause snow to fall on your website, it also offers showers of snowmen, stars, autumn leaves, valentine day hearts and new year balloons. Indulge your visitors’ Christmas dreams of snow and Santa by adding this to your website.

3. Deck the Halls

We all have our own preferences for the kinds of decorations we choose to adorn our homes and websites. If you like your decorations to be subtle, take a look at the ‘Christmas Ball on Branch’ effect. It’s a simple animation that sits in the corner of your website offering a gentle reminder that it’s Christmas time again.

4. Kick Off The Countdown

Counting down to Christmas can be exciting whether you’re 5 or 55. So if you’re just a big kid at heart, take a look at the Christmas Countdown widget. It’s got a ruby-cheeked Santa doing the counting down, and then on Christmas Day there’s a ‘Happy Christmas’ message. Although let’s hope you’ve got better things to do…

5. Jingle Those Bells

If you haven’t had your fill of Christmas songs from the supermarket, install your very own holidays music on your website. Think carefully – not everyone can stomach another version of Jingle Bells at this time of year! You have the choice of allowing the tune to play on all, or selected pages – thank goodness.

A Christmas Caution From Imagefix

We were going to feature the terrifying ‘Christmasify!’ which allows you to throw the entire Christmas box of tricks at your website. We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do so though, because any self-respecting web design agency would tell you that too much of anything can be off-putting to your visitors. So, we’ve snuck it in here, at the end, and our web design team takes no responsibility for the experience you may be about to unleash upon the world.

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