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6 Simple Ways to Build Your Web Presence

6 Simple Ways to Build Your Web Presence

6 Simple Ways to Build Your Web Presence

Wondering whether strengthening your web presence is necessary for your business? Lots of companies worry that SEO and social media means pouring valuable resources into online activities for meagre returns. And if you’re looking for a rapid injection of sales, then a PPC campaign will offer great results results in the short term. But if you’re looking for long-term cumulative benefits, and the development of loyal customers who’ll act as advocates – read on. 

Web presence is created through a combination of social media, Search Engine Optimisation, and content creation. It takes time to get the precise blend right for your particular customer base, but in this blog the Imagefix team offers a starting point. Here are 6 simple ways to build your web presence as a business.

1. Check Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Checking whether your website works on a mobile couldn’t be simpler. Google offers a quick test that involves simply popping your website url in, and you’ll get a result immediately. If the answer’s ‘yes’ – all well and good. If ‘no’, you’re missing out on 2.87 billion online shoppers. Don’t despair, though. Your website can be optimised to respond to all mobile devices.

2. Invest in Valuable Content

Not providing a blog, videos or helpful product information depletes your web presence. Why? Because your competitors will be providing valuable content that drives customers to their site. If you’re currently only offering basic web pages, think about creating content that would add value, and differentiate you from the rest. It may take an investment of time and money, but gradually you’ll see a growth in visitor numbers.

3. Make Social Media About You and Your Business

Your potential customers spend – on average – 3 hours a day on their phone. That time is spent on social media, checking out brands, and talking to friends. You can be part of that 3 hours a day by providing a social media brand that engages with potential customers. It’s no longer about the hard sell; people want conversations. So put up photos, ask questions, talk about who you are, respond when people comment. Make sure you’re part of your customers’ daily online experience.

4. Make Your Site a Great Experience for Visitors

Google base their search engine rankings on the quality of experience a website offers to its visitors. If your site loads in under 5 seconds, provides simple navigation and clear messaging throughout, you’ll be well on your way. User experience makes all the difference to sales because a customers no longer have to put up with a shoddy performance – there’s a multitude of other sites that will offer them something better.

5. Give Your Visitors Permission to Trust You

Most online shoppers want to trust the sites they visit, but they need to be given the signals in order to be able to do so.

  • The website address will begin with https (rather than http) to show it has an SSP certificate
  • The site has a Data Privacy Statement demonstrating compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Contact details are published on the site (at least a phone number and email address)
  • Copy on the site will make sense and be grammatically correct
  • Reviews or testimonials will be included on the site

6. Use SEO to Ensure Your Site Can Be Found

Search Engine Optimisation uses keyword research to ensure that customers looking for products like yours, are directed to your site. How does it work? Researchers find the terms that are most often used when searching for your product (high volume keywords). Your site is them optimised by strategic use of these keywords. Where Google recognises clear and effective use of keywords, it will help by ranking the site in order to guide customers to it.

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