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6 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media boosts your brand, builds customer engagement, and grows your sales – or that’s the theory anyway! The reality is that many social media accounts languish after an initial flurry of activity and interest, generating few, if any benefits. This usually boils down to the fact that the posts just aren’t very engaging; your participation doesn’t extend beyond looking. 

‘Yes, but how do you DO social media engagement?’ you may be thinking. Well, that’s what we’re here to help with. Basically, social media engagement boils down to being a host who cares about everyone having a good time. For some people it comes naturally, for everyone else, the Imagefix digital marketing team have come up with 6 ways to boost social media engagement.

1. Work Out How to Get the Conversation Started

For anyone that’s ever thrown a party, you’ll know that getting people talking to each other requires a bit of social engineering; introducing like-minded people to each other, playing silly games to get everyone loosened up, and lobbing conversational gambits into groups where chat is grinding to a halt.

It’s just the same with social media, except you have to find out who you’ve invited to the party first. Take a look at your analytics; what do your followers like, comment on, or share? What drives a spike of interest, and when do people click away?

2. Decide What You Want People to Do

If you don’t know what you’re expecting of your social media followers, how are they expected to know how to respond? Given that they won’t spontaneously burst into activity, you need to determine what your social media accounts are for. Here’s some options – every product or service will be different:

3. Find Your Voice

This can happen only when you know who you’re talking to. You may already know the demographic that’s drawn to your brand but if you don’t, you may need to carry out some research to nail down their age, location, interests, preferred social media channel and language.

Once you’ve found out who your audience is, and where they are, you can start to develop a voice they’ll be interested in listening to. Creating an ‘avatar’ or customer image, can be really helpful as part of this process.

4. Share Good Stuff

This is the heart-dropping moment: “What do I Share?”. It gets a whole lot easier if you think about what your followers are interested in, rather than what you’re interested in giving them.

What are their problems? What would be helpful? (Ask if you don’t know) How can you make your expertise relevant to your followers? Have you introduced yourself? What do they like to talk about?

Try a mix of these options:

  • Conversation starters, like ‘What’s the one thing you can’t live without?’.
  • Quizzes, like ‘How hooked are you on social media?
  • Popular Gifs
  • Competitions
  • Polls 
  • Share articles you think your followers will enjoy
share to social media

5. Join the Wider Conversation

If something hits the headlines, it’s a great way to build engagement for your social media following. Just be aware that certain types of conversation can attract very ugly trolling, so you may want to create an exclusive Facebook or Instagram group to allow people to feel safe commenting.

Once you’ve set a topical conversation in motion, keep it alive by posting comments, asking questions, and quoting comments that are getting noticed.

Don’t Be a Robot

6. Don’t Be a Robot

We’re talking about sociability with social media engagement, and no-one wants to hang out with a robot! Keep your posts human:

  • Respond to comments or likes by striking up a conversation
  • Post photos or videos of people in the company, doing ordinary things
  • Respond to any questions you get asked and do it like you’re real.
  • Be humorous; tell your followers when things go wrong or share something that makes you laugh.

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