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6 Website Design Trends for 2023

6 Website Design Trends for 2023

What Are Customers Wanting From Web Design in 2023?

The number of people shopping online increased once again in 2022, and the trend is for more growth in the coming year. This means that we’re doing more online, and our expectations, as customers, are higher than ever before. With this in mind, the Imagefix team has made predictions for the 6 website design trends for 2023.

Table of Contents

1. Content That Adapts to Users’ Needs

Visitors to your site need different types of content, dependent on where they are in the buyer journey. If this is their first experience of your site, they’ll appreciate different content from that required by a return customer who might want to re-order items, of see what’s new in the product range. Dynamic content adapts to the user’s potential needs; it’s a great way to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

2. Customer Service = Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming synonymous with customer service, because they’re getting better and better at providing it. And with the leaps being made by AI, we can soon expect a situation where we’re not sure if we’re speaking to a real human or not. Chatbots are cost effective, and labour-intensive. You can ensure a high stands of customer service, and programme in opportunities for cross-selling.

customer service chatbot

3. More Interaction With Customers

Online shoppers are looking for more from their browsing than standard images and web copy. In 2023 the Imagefix team is planning for a growth in the number of ways that visitors to your site can interact. The Pierre Hermè website involves the visitor in a magical adventure whilst the Polish Christmas Guide takes visitors on a journey though a traditional Christmas in Poland

personalised content

4. Personalised Content For Users

Online shoppers don’t like to think of themselves as ‘consumers’, so they want content on websites they engage with to recognise them as individuals. In 2023 we predict that users will start expecting to see content which:

  • Recognises and greets them by name
  • Reflects their past interactions
  • Offers selected items for browsing

5. Loading Speed – Make it Your Priority for 2023

UK retail sites still take an average of 6 seconds to load, whilst online shoppers using their phones, expect a loading time of 2-3 seconds. This isn’t going to get any easier over the next year. If you haven’t check your loading speeds recently, do so for free right now. If you’re unhappy with what you find, give the Imagefix team a call and we’ll be able to make significant improvements for you.

6. Parallax Scrolling

This is very exciting, and we can’t wait to use this technology! It’s a way of making users’ feel more connected with what they’re reading, as it adds different dimensions to the 2D experience of web browsing. Parallax scrolling is difficult to explain, so why not sit back and enjoy it as part of a stunning article from The New York Times.

Working With Imagefix

The web design team at Imagefix are looking forward to a New Year of new discoveries, designs, and challenges to overcome. If you’re thinking about a new web design in 2023, give us a call to find out more about what we can offer. Our web designs are SEO optimised to ensure a Google Ranking, and they’re fully responsive so your customers can get a great experience of your site, whatever device they’re on.

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