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7 Tips for Successful eCommerce Web Design

7 Tips for Successful eCommerce Web Design

How to Make a Successful eCommerce Website

The last few years have seen bumper growth for eCommerce companies across the world. In the UK the number of people shopping online has jumped from 1.52 billion in 2016 to 2.14 billion last year. And the trend is ever upward – which makes effective eCommerce web design more important than ever.

As new brands emerge daily, the competition for customers gets ever greater. If a website’s snaggy and difficult to navigate, shoppers will simply click away. So, how can you be sure to hold onto your visitors? Start by taking a look at our 7 tips for successful eCommerce web design from the Imagefix team.

  • Simple Navigation
  • Excellent Imagery
  • Reviews
  • Efficient Communication
  • Easy-to-Use Checkout
  • Responsive Design
  • Talk to Your Customers

1. Create Simple Navigation

The majority of visitors to your site will have limited time to find what they’re looking for. Make sure that your website design is a help rather than a hindrance. Design a clear and simple navigation bar, with sections named accurately to guide visitors to the right page.

2. Lavish Attention on Imagery

Customers will judge your site on the imagery it uses. Poor quality, pixelated images drive people away. Invest time and money in getting some high-quality, professional images for use on your site. Excellent imagery does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to sales.

3. Make Feedback Integral to Your Design

93% of customers will read online reviews before buying from your site. And excellent reviews mean customers will be willing to spend more with you. So, make it easy for them, feature shopper reviews as part of your design – and work hard to make sure they’re all 5 star!

4. Make It Easy for Customers to Chat

Despite shifting our attention online, we’re still the same social animals we always were, and we want to speak to real people. Try to keep your communications ‘human’ whilst offering multiple ways to get in touch: phone, email, social media, live chat, for example.

5. Don’t Drop the Ball at Checkout

Nearly 100% of online shoppers say they have abandoned their shopping cart due to slow, frustrating, or confusing checkout practices. It’s a crucial moment for online retailers, so test your process with real people before signing it off. It should be inclusive, simple, and clear.

6. Responsiveness Should Be Baked-In

A responsive website is one that works equally well whether it’s accessed on a desktop, tablet, or phone. All the functions should be available, and the layout should be pleasing however you view it. Most important, the site should load fast on all devices.

7. Ask Customers If You’ve Done a Good Job

You might think your customers are having a great online experience with your brand, but do you know that, or are you guessing? Include a feedback request in your design and ask specific questions about the quality of the service, the ease of shopping, and the site design.

Starting an online business? Give careful thought to your eCommerce web design. An experienced design team can make all the difference to your success.

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