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7 Unique Business Card Ideas

7 Unique Business Card Ideas

7 Unique Business Card Ideas

Digital communications may be taking over the world but the humble business card remains a hugely important part of the networking economy. Why? Precisely because it isn’t digital. The business card is tactile, and three-dimensional. Those few seconds in which a card changes hands could make a huge difference to your business, so it’s worth giving some thought to what it is you’re handing over.

How Great Graphic Design Can Benefit Your Business

90% of business cards end up the the bin after just a few days. What a missed opportunity! Your business card can make an impression, reinforce your brand, start a conversation or raise a laugh. Poor business cards are indistinguishable from millions of others. The memorable ones feel good, provide essential information, and remind the recipient of why they want to stay in touch with you.

Give Your Business Cards the WOW Factor

Taking time to think through your business card design is key to coming up with something special. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to design, it’s all about translating what’s great about your business into a simple, funny or memorable card. You’ll know when you’ve got it right because you’ll be excited to hand them over, knowing that they’re enjoyable to receive.

Here are 7 unique business card ideas to get you thinking:

1. Create a Tactile Experience

We encounter the world primarily through our senses. Give some thought to how you can make your cards a memorable tactile experience. Take some time choosing the card for printing. Consider embossed lettering. Round the corners of the card to make the feel of it unusual. Indent your logo so that it’s experienced initially through touch.

2. An Interesting Choice of Materials

There’s no need to be trapped by creating your business cards out of card. Metallic cards are currently very popular, using marine grade stainless steel or polished bronze. There’s also a terrific range of innovative plastic business cards. Or how about wood? Beautifully crafted cards are now available in birch, bamboo, cherry or walnut.

3. Have Fun With The Shape

Who said business cards need to be rectangular? They need to fit easily into a pocket and shouldn’t be too thick, but the shape is up for grabs. Business cards can be shaped like a slice of bread, a bottle, a key or a ticket. Think about what you’re selling and consider how you might have fun with incorporating it into your design.

4. Provide Info Innovatively

The main purpose of the business card is to provide clear contact details. Why not use a QR code instead of providing your details in longhand? The recipient can then scan the code with their phone to bring up your website. A note of caution however, research shows these work best with younger people, and particularly with young men.

5. Use the Front and the Back of the Card

Elegant designs leaving plenty of empty space on the front of your card are popular right now. Handing over the card takes seconds and your recipient should be able to digest the information in that time. Don’t forget the back of the card though. This could be used for a quote, your company’s aims or services, or a price list.

6. Your Business Card is Part of Your Brand

Linking your business card design to branding across all of your marketing collateral can create innovative ideas. Something as simple as the use of an unusual font, or a synchronised colour palette across all your materials speaks of a cohesive, professional brand awareness that builds confidence with clients.

7. Make it Authentic

The use of a handwritten signature is over-used now, but including something in the design that suggests it’s more than a mass produced artefact is very attractive. If you print textiles, create images, or take photos, think of ways that your work can be integrated to make the recipient feel they’ve been given something unique.

Imagefix Creates Beautiful Designs

Imagefix works with local businesses to create unique business card ideas and designs. We also specialise in digital marketing, graphic design and web design throughout the UK. 

7 unique business card ideas from Imagefix. If you’re looking for stand out cards, a great looking website or you need some inspiration, call us on 01525 715608 and let’s have a conversation.