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A Marketing Company in Bedford You Can Trust

A Marketing Company in Bedford You Can Trust

A Marketing Company in Bedford You Can Trust

If you’re a florist just starting out in Bedford, what is it you want from your marketing strategy? Presumably you’ll want your business to turn up top of the list in local searches? So that when people are looking for ‘Florist in Putnoe’ you’ll be top of the list? Sound good?

So how can you make that happen for your business? Choose a marketing company in Bedford that you can trust. It makes sense that a local digital marketing company that knows the area, and has developed a strong local marketing strategy, will bring you more success than a London marketing agency that will apply a more generic approach.

Imagefix – Digital Marketing Agency in Bedford

Many of the businesses that we provide digital marketing for started very local and grew their business gradually throughout Bedfordshire. In this blog we show you how we do it – in just 5 steps. Our strategy incorporates a range of marketing skills, all of which feed in to the creation of a strongly branded presence. These are tried and tested strategies which guarantee greater visitor numbers for your site.

Step One. Announce Your Presence

Every business that wants to grow its customer base needs a website. More than that, it needs a website that will attract attention in the area you’re located. How do we do that? By using search engine optimisation (SEO). Imagefix integrates carefully researched local keywords into your site. These alert Google to your presence. Google then starts telling local customers that you’ve arrived by including you in search engine results.

Step Two. Put Your Business on the Map

Google My Business is a free service that locates your business on local maps. So if someone is searching for something you sell, in your area, your store will appear on the map in the search results. There’s quite a bit of form filling to do, and every bit of information must be accurate, but it’s worth it for a superb local service.

Step Three. Build a Community

Local businesses are all about community. So a Facebook page and Instagram account can amplify your presence to people in your area. Research shows that local websites are are up to 10 times more effective when they’re supported by lively, well-maintained social media pages. It’s also a great way to show off what you sell, and collect local reviews which are hugely influential for buyers.

Step Four. Local SEO

Your SEO ranking probably won’t hit page one of Google straight away. That’s because the Google assessors wait to see how a page gains authority before promoting it up the ranks. At Imagefix we help businesses in this process through the use of landing pages and regular blog posts using local keywords. Once Google sees that there’s sustained local references, your business will start to rise in the local rankings.

Step Five. Keep Going

It may take 3-6 months to see consistent rewards from your marketing efforts. Once it happens, though, you’ll remain in a prime spot and your business will grow incrementally. Marketing isn’t like advertising; it’s about growing trust and authority with your customers. At Imagefix we can guarantee that momentum will start to grow from day one. 99% of the businesses we work with see at least 100% growth in their first year with us.

“I worked with Garry and Tina for about 1 year and it has been a great experience. The team is very professional and very knowledgeable. We used them for SEO and general website support to writing content for our website and social media channels, highly recommended!”

– Mara Eusebietti

Personalised Service from a Local Marketing Company

When you call the Imagefix office one of the senior team will answer. If you’ve got a problem that needs an urgent response, we’ll deal with it immediately. We’re a local business that leads the way on customer service. Why? Because we care about the businesses we work with. We’re a Bedford business ourselves and we want success for the area where we’re located. Try us out.

In 2019 Imagefix was runner-up for Bedford Business of the Year in the Bedford and Luton SME Awards. We’re a finalist in the same category for 2020 – fingers crossed!

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