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A New Website for LeadForward’s Lead Generator

A New Website for LeadForward’s Lead Generator

 A Website for LeadForward

Simple, innovative ideas that work are pure gold dust in the internet’s entrepreneurial economy, so the Imagefix design team is always delighted to be involved in promoting them. LeadForward operates lead generation for estate agents who are always on the look-out for new vendors or landlords.

They have developed an easy-to-use tool for estate agents’ websites which encourages visitors to the site to enter their details in return for an instant valuation of their property, whether for rental or sale. The details can then be converted into leads through follow-up calls and more detailed conversations between vendors and agents. 

Imagefix is an Ideal Partner for Promoting Great Ideas

LeadForward was looking for a local design agency which would convert their idea into an attractive, dynamic website, introduce the concept to their target market, and provide a demonstration of their lead generation tool. Our design team talked through their product in detail and produced a series of designs to choose from. The result is a sleek, contemporary style which presents our client’s copy in a bold white font.

LeadForward wanted the messaging to be carried by the text, and this is supported by muted graphics which form part of the background to each page. Where images are used, high quality crisp, graphics utilising a white background create an impact in contrast to the darker colours featured across the rest of the site. The lead generation tool demo page is designed to be accessed via an activation code, supplied by the company, to interested clients.

Imagefix Create Websites to Suit Your Company’s Needs

Each business we work with is at a different stage of development. We start every relationship with clients by talking through their history, their aspirations and their vision to be sure that we can support them in their journey forward. Our full range of services include:

  • Brand Identity – We ensure each part of the design elements of a brand such as colour scheme logo, font and and symbol identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind.
  • Web Design information-based, brochure style, self-managed, or eCommerce.
  • Retouching Services we are known for our high-quality imagery design; we can create beautiful images from scratch, retouch, manipulate existing images, create montages, or colour correct.
  • SEO Services creating your online presence using keywords, analytics, crafted content, website optimisation, link building and SEO submission.

Together, we can build a package which creates a solid foundation for your product’s online presence and launches your great idea effectively.

Let us create you a website that will lead to your success. Call today on 01525 715608 to discuss how we can help.