Amanda Cole Website Launch

Designing a New Website for a Social Work Assessments Provider

Amanda Cole is a social work practitioner who, after 3 decades of public service, has decided to start her own business offering social work assessments. Amanda asked the Imagefix team to design a website for her new business. This was an exciting and dynamic project which required us to design a logo, source images, and create a good-looking, easily navigable, fully responsive website.

Imagefix Provides Bespoke Website Design

We always begin by discussing with clients who their client base is. This gives us a steer on the design, tone and register of the website we design. Amanda Cole’s experience as a social work practitioner meant that she knew exactly who her potential clients were. This gave us a great starting point for our design. Throughout the drafting process we worked collaboratively on the colours, format and feel of the final product.

Amanda Cole Ltd Website Design

Amanda has years of experience in carrying out social work assessments and this is what her website offers as a service. The design of Amanda’s logo reflects the family-centred nature of her work and uses her brand colours. Text is the most important component of the site, so the design is clean, providing plenty of space for text. Given the amount of copy, we also chose a font that is easy to read.

Sourcing Appropriate Images For Your Website

The website uses high quality images to break up the blocks of text and provide a familial context. Social work assessments are often associated with traumatic family situations involving parental assessments, foster care, or adoption. After careful discussion with Amanda, it was decided, therefore, to counter these negative associations with positive imagery showing happy children, at ease with their carers.

Copywriting and Organic SEO

Imagefix has a team of professional copywriters but in this instance, given the highly specialised information being communicated, Amanda wanted to provide her own content. Once the design had been approved and the website was built, the final job was to apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the site to ensure that Amanda’s potential clients could find it easily using the major search engines. 

Imagefix Works Collaboratively With Clients

Working with Amanda Cole gave us the opportunity to collaborate creatively at every stage of the process. Early discussions allowed us to understand what Amanda needed her website to do, and who it needed to speak to. She then trusted us to create a site that would optimise her product range. We offer lots of opportunities for feedback along the way, to ensure our clients are happy with the end result. Amanda loved what we had created – which is the result we always look for!!

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