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Architectural CGI for Developers, Planners and Estate Agents

So much of what we do at Imagefix is about visualising people’s ideas online. Our websites, and graphic designs often start out as a conversation with a client. We listen to their vision for their business, their passion around a product, and from their words, descriptions and gestures we create a design that will represent them online.Website for Flitwick Housing Development, Rockfield new Homes

We are now delighted to be able to offer a new service which builds on this aspect of our work. Architectural CGI allows us to produce images of properties whilst they’re still at the design stage. We are regularly asked by developers, planners and estate agents to create websites for potential buyers of properties that are in the process of construction; property CGI is the ideal solution in these circumstances.

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What is Architectural CGI?

Not so long ago, architectural visualisation required a lengthy process in which a 3D model of the property was created and then photographed. An acceleration in the speed of computers’ processing power now allows the rendering process to happen online in a fraction of the time, and with an increased range of visualisation possibilities.

The CGI Production Process  comprises:

Site Photography – we take photos of the site where the houses are being built in order to capture the lighting conditions and the context created by the natural environment.

3D Modelling – using CAD drawings, a 3D model of the property is created. Finishes are then added, such as the texture of the bricks, or sunlight reflecting on windows.

Rendering – the CGI model is ‘situated’ within the context captured by the onsite photography. The model information and finish is then rendered. Now the image looks like a high quality photograph.

Post Production – this is where all the detailed work is done. Masking is applied to ensure the property looks ‘real’ within its surrounding environment, contrast is applied, and people may be added for scale.

Some of Our Most Recent CGI Projects

Architectural 3D Visualisation is Collaborative

One of the things the Imagefix design team really enjoy about working with architectural CGI is the collaborative aspect of the process. From the early stages when the site photography is carried out, clients and architects are closely involved in deciding on the contextual design which will eventually be used as a high resolution photograph.

Imagefix Provides a Range of CGI Services for Clients

With our experience in 3D rendering we understand the importance of constantly evolving our services to meet customers’ requirements. At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help businesses amplify their business presence online, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways of doing that. Architectural visualisation is now used to create a range of services including virtual tours of properties, 360  room views, design propositions and property.

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