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Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Remember ‘Artist’s Impressions’? They provided a detailed line sketch, taken directly from architectural drawings, or description. This painstaking process was an attempt to create a realistic representation of a property, object or location that didn’t yet exist. Architectural rendering is the 21st century equivalent of the artist’s impression; we can now produce richly detailed photographic images of buildings and objects that have yet to be created.

Whilst some people may retain an affection for traditionally hand-drawn images, the almost uncanny precision of architectural rendering offers extra depth and dimension. Quite simply, it provides the imagination with a clear image to play with, so prospective home owners – for example – are able to visualise themselves living in a building more easily.

What is Architectural Rendering?

Rendering, or architectural CGI uses computer software to create an image or animation which is based on the use of 3d shapes or models. The software is able to add in topographical features, depth-of-field, light and shade, and texturing.

These detailed, photographic representations provide a powerful new tool for communication with clients. In place of vocal description, blueprints or sketches, there is a visual reality. More than that, architectural rendering allows for exploration of a building’s interior and exterior.

Marketing Presentations That Appeal to the Imagination

A marketing presentation needs to speak to the mind and the imagination of the client. Whilst spoken language can create a cast-iron rationale, an image has the potential to ignite desire. This powerful combination is much easier to achieve if you have photorealistic images, furnished with rich detail, and an attractive colour palette.

Bring the Future Into the Present

There’s a world of difference between projects that ‘are going to happen’ and those that ‘are happening now’. Architectural visualisation performs the trick of time travel by eliding the future with the present, making aspirations real, possible and likely. Investors are able to see how their money will be transformed, and examine the defined benefits practically, rather than in the abstract.

Images Create Stories – Stories Sell Properties

We’re story-telling creatures, so any marketing strategy needs to take this powerful impulse into account. The moment that we’re presented with imagery which blends dramatic lighting, furnishings, accessories and colour schemes, guess what we do? We start to weave a fiction which links our emotional lives to the property we’re viewing.

Architectural CGI sets the stage for a story to take place. Once it does the property becomes ‘real’ in the buyer’s head – no matter that not a brick is yet in place.

Imagefix Provides Architectural Rendering Services for Clients

At Imagefix we are always delighted when we’re able to offer clients a new technology that will impact their sales online and off. We are now able to offer high quality 3D rendering for estate agents, property developers, interior designers and R&D agencies.

Recent projects include property walk throughs, ‘before and after’ imagery, 360º room views, animated ‘how to’ video using 3D rendering, and architectural rendering.

Would you like to talk to us about an architectural rendering project? Call Imagefix today on 01525 715608 to find out how we can support you.