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Architectural Visualisation Makes Pre-Selling Easier

Architectural Visualisation Makes Pre-Selling Easier

Architectural Visualisation Makes Pre-Selling Easier 

Visualisation is at the heart of the architectural endeavour but until recently it’s been difficult for architects to share their vision with non-specialists. For centuries artist’s impressions or 2D floor plans have been the only way to see a building prior to construction. Now, though, we’re able to offer a different experience altogether.

3D rendering, as a service, has been available for just over a decade, and it’s revolutionising the design process. It allows architects, stakeholders and clients to view a proposed design in an accurate 3D format. This means they’re able to ‘walk through’ the property and see it as it will look in-situ before it’s been built.

3 Innovative Uses of Architectural Rendering  

  • Collaborative Design. Putting a 3 dimensional representation in front of major stakeholders such as town planners, engineers and investors allows them to offer their unique perspective. The software allows for changes to be made so that ideas can be tried out practically, there and then.
  • Qualitative Design. Fly throughs, or walk throughs, allow architects or buyers to experience the design in an holistic way. The architect has an opportunity to consider what it would be like to live in the design. And clients can judge the house both spatially and aesthetically. They can also imagine their furniture in the space accurately.
  • Pre-Sales. Selling an idea has always been devilishly difficult, but architectural rendering makes the future exist ‘now’. Giving clients the opportunity to see a house surrounded by the natural landscape, with the texturing offered by sunlight on the brickwork is more persuasive than any words could ever be.

The Marketing Potential of 3D Rendering 

Providing buyers with architectural visualisation immediately improves the quality of the service you’re offering to clients. In place of an abstract concept, you can give them a solid experience which is both accurate and pleasurable. 3D renders also provide great marketing resources for your website, or sales presentation. And, you’re investing in a technology that is currently transforming the sector, and will continue to to provide new possibilities for pre-sales.

Future Possibilities

At Imagefix we were delighted to be able to offer 3D rendering to our clients. So just imagine how excited we’ll be when we’re able to provide a virtual tour of a new property! VR technology has been around for a while now, so it shouldn’t be long before engagement transforms into immersion. This will add audio and sensory impressions to the experience, completing the process of ‘time travel’ from the present to the future.

Imagefix Creates Architectural Visualisation for Clients

The provision of 3D rendering services is a rapidly growing area of our business, and we’re delighted to be part of the innovative journey this technology makes possible. Recent work includes a flythrough of 2 barn conversions for Satchell’s Estate Agents, and architectural rendering of a new development for Isleport Property Developer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about architectural visualisation, or you have a 2D plan that you’d like to make 3D contact Imagefix on 01525 715608