Architectural Visualisation

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Architectural Visualisation

Using Architectural Visualisation to Boost Sales

Trying to describe an object using words is a notoriously slippery process. Which is why certain industries rely on visual representation to market their products. Estate Agents and architects have a particular problem; they regularly sell products that don’t yet exist. For decades, the ‘Artist Impression’ provided critical marketing images. Now, architectural visualisation offers a detailed photorealistic image in its place.

What is Architectural Visualisation?

Also known as architectural CGI, property rendering, CGI or 3D rendering, architectural visualisation uses graphic rendering processes to create realistic 3D images from 2D plans. These techniques are able to provide customers with ‘immersive’ walk throughs of properties, as well as offering images that place properties in their ‘natural’ landscape. Geographic detail, people and weather features all help to give the impression of reality.

When You’re Selling Ideas, Transformation, Innovation…

… you need to make the invisible, visible. Most people find it difficult turning plans or maps into a fully formed reality in their heads, which is why CGI is so helpful as a sales tool. Imagefix has found that it’s not only Estate Agents that can utilise the pre-selling benefits of architectural visualisation. If you’ve got a new device in development, or you’re selling a specialist process, or even if you want to show a client how their home could be transformed – often visual evidence is what drives engagement.

Architectural Visualisation as a Sales Tool

Here’s 4 ways in which 3D rendering can help to increase sales:

1. Visualising Interiors. This has amazing potential for interior designers, estate agent, decorators, wedding planners and furniture companies. The technology allows you to try out different ideas, and make decisions in real time. This adds another dimension to the sales process. We recently created this ‘architectural fly through’ for a client.

2. Animating Processes. Trying to sell ‘a process’ has to be one of the hardest sales tasks. Placing that process into the context of the industry, or workplace is a great way to help make sense of it for the customer. We recently created an animated CGI video for a client who needed to show how a fuel management system works.

3. CGI Exteriors. These are 3D photorealistic images created from detailed architectural plans. The rendering stage allows us to add details like brickwork, the effect of light on windows, and the direction at which the sun hits the building. We’re also able to add in cars, geographic details, people and planting. We recently created CGI exteriors for a property development.

4. Transformation Images. When you’re selling an idea, it’s great to have ‘before and after’ images to add into the mix – except when the ‘after’ doesn’t yet exist. We are able to show transformation in action by creating the imagery you need to make your case. We can do this for geographical locations, car repairs, housing planning, infrastructure planning.

Working With Imagefix

We work with a number of property developers and estate agents, but 3D rendering is becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs, engineers and planners. Conversation is key to all the work we do at Imagefix, but it’s particularly important for this kind of work. We guarantee a personalised service, from start to finish, and a high quality CGI product to boost your sales.

Are you using Architectural Visualisation to boost sales? Imagefix looks at the range of applications this innovative tech provides. Call us on 01525 715608

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