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Basic SEO Techniques

Basic SEO Techniques

3 Basic SEO Techniques to Improve Website Visibility

Got a website? Then you want to be found on Google. Getting a spot on Page 1 is the top prize, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how you get there. What is SEO? Simply put, Google has created a set of criteria by which to determine which websites are the most accessible, valuable and easy to navigate. SEO is the process of making a website Google-friendly, resulting in a high ranking score.

Full website optimisation is time-consuming, and best tackled by SEO experts. There are, however, a few basic SEO techniques that anyone can do. Will they make a difference? Yes. Absolutely, yes! You will experience the joy of seeing your website climb in the rankings as a result of doing something quite simple.

1. SEO Title

The title of your page tells Google what your business is. So if you have a cupcake company in Bradford, Google can let searchers in that area know about you. You’ll find the SEO title in the backend of your website and its format is made up of:

Page Title | Additional Info | Name of Business

Delicious Cupcakes | Delivery or Collect | Bradford Cupcakes

The idea is to capture the searcher’s attention with the title, and then add a unique selling point, before finishing up with your company name. You’re allowed 60 characters max.

2. Meta Description

This appears directly beneath the SEO title. You have around 150 characters to tell online searchers what they will find if they click through. It’s a bit like a short pitch for your page, explaining what’s different about your offering. Maybe you have a recipe of the month, a special offer, or seasonally themed products.

Delicious Cupcakes | Delivery or Collect | Bradford Cupcakes

Take a look at our range of delicious cupcakes. Choose a selection and we’ll deliver, or you can collect. Seasonally themed cupcakes all year round.

3. H1 Title

The title of your page – in this case ‘delicious cupcakes’ – tells Google what the page is about. Whenever you create a title, or subheading on a page you have a choice of tags: H1, H2, H3 etc. H1 designates the main title of the page. There should only be one H1 for each page, and every H1 on your website needs to be different. A typical list of H1s would be:

  • Delicious Cupcakes
  • About Bradford Cupcakes
  • Choose Your Cupcakes
  • Custom Cakes for Special Occasions
  • Contact Us

About Imagefix

If you try out these 3 basic SEO techniques and you get a taste for it, take a look at our ultimate guide to SEO: How to Get Found in Google. If, on the other hand, you’d rather let SEO specialists do the job for you, the Imagefix team can do just that. We have an excellent success rate; most of our clients rank on Page 1 of Google within 6 months of optimisation.

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