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Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

5 Benefits of Content Marketing

Over 22% of users in the UK have an ad-blocker on their device. And when it comes to 18-24 year olds, the percentage jumps dramatically to 43%. What are these statistics saying to British businesses about the needs of their customers? Increasingly, online shoppers are turning off to direct sales on websites, and embracing the softer approach employed by content marketing.

What is Content Marketing and How Does it Work?

The majority of new online visitors to your site won’t be there to buy just yet. They’re there to browse, check out your offering, and give you a chance to engage them. How does that happen? Well it might be a video about the company they click on, or a blog title which piques their curiosity. Truth is, 82% of consumers say they expect brands to provide content that’s of interest to them –  and that’s what they’re actively searching for.

Suppose you’re thinking about buying a cake for your child’s upcoming birthday party. You may not be ready to purchase yet, but you’re looking for a site that’s offering something a bit different. You alight on a webpage that has a whole load of resources to help you plan and prepare for the birthday party. You click through. Then you see the range of cakes on offer and rethink your original ideas – because these are much better. Where are you going to buy from?

Here are 5 benefits we’ve seen again and again from developing a content marketing strategy:

 1) It’s Good For Your SEO Ranking 

Search engines approve wholeheartedly of carefully thought through content marketing. Why? Because it improves the experience your visitor has when landing on your site. Content marketing involves creating a range of resources for your site, which may include videos, blogs,  ‘how to’ guides, or podcasts. These create big ticks as far as Google is concerned, and your ranking improves.

2) Increases Visitor Numbers   

It’s rare that an online ad starts a conversation, but content marketing should be designed for that purpose The reason why consumers like branded content is that it provides them with good ideas, educates them, and gives them cultural capital. Creating content that makes visitors want to recommend it to their friends is a win-win marketing situation.

3) Make Your Brand The One People Go To

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, differentiation is key. It’s tempting to think that a great website will do the job for you, but that’s only half the story. Ideally, your website should be a place that visitors return to again and again. They do so because the content they get from you, they can’t get from any of your competitors. And, they know that the site is regularly refreshed with great material.

4) Generate More Leads 

Content marketing takes time, and this is one of the reasons many businesses are wary of it. But content marketing also attract more leads than competitors who are not making the same effort. Companies with blogs produce 67% more leads than those without. Check out your competitors. If they’re not doing any content marketing, you could be way out front. If they are producing content marketing, do it differently – and better!

5) Create a Loyal Network of Buyers 

At one time shoppers would choose their high street retailers based on the price of their goods, and the quality of customer service they could expect. The online world is very much the same. It’s not enough to have a great product, you also need that something special that customers can’t get anywhere else. And once they’ve found it, they’ll be fiercely loyal and proud advocates for your brand.

 Imagefix Creates Tailored Content Online

We’re a web design agency that has been producing high quality, impactful web designs for over two decades. Over the past five years we’ve seen a growing need to supplement web design with ongoing, educative and innovative tailored material for clients. Consequently we now have content marketing specialists on the team who can create personalised content with a great ROI.

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