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Brand Awareness Strategy

Brand Awareness Strategy

Looking for a Brand Awareness Strategy That Works?

A brand is like a bridge you build between your business and the customers who buy from you. This particular arm of your marketing strategy isn’t based on well-positioned ads or glossy promotions. It’s far simpler, and cheaper than that. The bridge that is your brand awareness strategy is built on the foundation of 3 simple questions (with thanks to brand maestro Seth Godin):

  1. My product is for people who believe …
  2. I focus on people who want …
  3. I promise that engaging with my business will give you …

Belief is the Basis of a Brand Awareness Strategy

We don’t just buy goods because we need them; we buy them to create meaning in our lives. Whether it’s to do with sustainability, a better future for our children, greater self esteem or greater equality, every item in our shopping cart contributes in some way.

Branding starts by knowing not what you believe, but what your customers believe. If you’re selling jeans to 20-30-year-olds for example, they need a narrative about a more sustainable future. Understanding that, quickly builds a way for you to get their attention and start a conversation.

Creating a Brand Narrative, or Story

We get to know each other by telling stories. These stories take lots of different forms:

  • Finding out you like the same films
  • Sharing a passion for the same kind of music
  • Wearing similar clothes or accessories
  • Seeing the world from the same perspective


Each one of us is constantly looking for signals that indicate someone share the same beliefs. Brands are an important part of that. The story a brand tells us will be as impactful as their price point, and the quality of product they offer.

Example: Remember ‘This Isn’t Just Food…’? The Marks & Spencer campaign created the concept of ‘food porn’, replete with sexy narrator, great music, and some memorable food photography. Yes, it was all about good quality food, but it also spoke to women who wanted a sensuous food experience – that could be just for them – without having to cook the meal or go out to a restaurant in order to get it. It was also very funny – and memorable.

What’s Your Brand Story?

The star of your brand story isn’t you, it’s your consumers. The bridge between you and them is the story you craft to get them across the bridge to your product.

  • Step One. Find out what your consumers care about. Could be more time, being cared for, the future of the planet, or a better life.
  • Step Two. Discover where your business can touch their lives. Find the empathic link that will capture their attention.
  • Step Three. Look for a story that demonstrates how alike you and your customers are; how closely you understand them.
  • Step Four. Tell them how they can be part of your story, and your brand. Give them a call to action.

How Do You Know if You’ve Got Your Brand Story Right?

You’ll know if you’ve got your brand story right because people will respond. Not in vast numbers to begin with – in fact brands normally start out with a small group of early adopters who like the kudos of being part of a select few. Start the conversation with those who cross the bridge, and they’ll tell others, who’ll pass on your name on…

Branding is different to advertising, and it takes l to work, but the roots it sends down are deep and meaningful.

“Marketers successfully do their job by watching people, figuring out what they dream of, and then creating a transaction that can deliver that feeling.”

– Seth Godin

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