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Branding Agency in Bedfordshire

Branding Agency in Bedfordshire

Imagefix, The Branding Agency in Bedfordshire You Can Trust

With over 15 years of branding experience to draw from, Imagefix can offer a multitude of different services to our clients. Whether you require a whole new brand identity or need to revitalise your existing brand to draw in your target audience, we’ll work together with you, to ensure the services and products you provide is heard above the crowd in your target market.

What is Branding?

Branding design is much more than surface graphics. A corporate brand identity is, in simple terms, the associations we make when we see, hear or think of a product or company. Every piece of writing or imagery including the name, the imagery, the colours, fonts and tone, all form part of a brand identity. How a company handles its brand identity, its employees and its mythology will determine how it will be perceived by the consumer. Take a look at some of our branding examples.

Redefining Brand Values in Your Business

At Imagefix, we are constantly told that the reason why clients choose us over the competition is that we listen and get to understand the core values that the client is hoping to project. Once we have this understanding we can formulate colour schemes, fonts, website and print styles that compliments and promotes recognition and trust in the company identity.

As a Branding Agency in Bedfordshire, We Can Help You Establish a Strong Identity

The design team at Imagefix have had experience helping all kinds of businesses, large and small, develop their brand identity to set them apart from the competition. We develop high value branding options to help you categorise what kind of image might suit you and ultimately making it easier for you to acquire new customers. The most successful businesses, have a single thing in common. They have established themselves as as leaders in their field by building a strong brand.

By choosing us to help with your branding, you will be able to put forward the identity that you wish to convey to your audience.

If you require any kind of branding in Bedfordshire or surrounding areas, call Imagefix today on 01525 715608