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Branding and Website Design for Flitwick Business

Branding and Website Design for Flitwick Business

Mid Beds Mortgage Services Website Launch

However many websites we design, it’s still an exciting moment when a new website goes live. We’ve just launched a branding and website design for Flitwick business Mid Beds Mortgage Services. This Flitwick-based company came to us as a word-of-mouth recommendation from a previous client, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about their business and creating a new look for their website.

Bespoke Web Design Services

We’ve worked with hundreds of Bedfordshire businesses and we remember them all because every single one has unique requirements. Mid Beds Mortgage Services was looking for a range of services from us. They asked us to manage their branding and logo design, WordPress website design, and onsite search engine optimisation set-up (SEO) to cement their online presence.

Mid Beds Mortgage Services Branding & Website Design

With any design job, we start out by learning as much as we can about the business we’re designing for. It’s always a privilege to hear business owners talking about their work;  listening to them recounting the journey they’ve been on, we start to understand the core values they bring to their work.

Once we’ve heard the business story, we flip the conversation to their customers’ perspective. We want to know who their customers are, why they want to use their mortgage services, and how – typically – they buy from the business. Once we have these two perspectives, we can start work.

 “I really appreciate the time and advice that Imagefix gave to make this happen. Your ability to create something visual from just a few conversations is amazing.”

– Steve Boland – Mid Beds Mortgage Services

 Design Outcomes

Mid Beds chose a ‘coat of arms’ design to suggest stability, rootedness, and tradition – all values that are desirable when selecting a mortgage advisor. The simplicity of the monochrome design reflected the simplicity and trustworthiness of the process offered and the company name was fully integrated. The website design utilises greyscale to reflect the logo, contrasting with high quality coloured headers on each page.

Imagefix Provides SEO for Local Businesses

We thoroughly enjoy our design work but we know that without SEO it won’t have the online impact it needs to grow sales. A shocking 91% of online material never gets seen, simply because it hasn’t been optimised. We start out by optimising for local SEO; using Google My Business, citations, backlinks, and keyword research, we ensure that websites meet Google’s ranking criteria. So when someone enters a search query that fits with your product, your business will be featured on page one.

The Imagefix Guarantee

All our websites are designed to work equally well on mobiles, desktops, tablets and laptops. We ensure that your website loads quickly to minimise the potential for visitor ‘bounce’. Most important, we’ll work with you to ensure that the website you end up with is the one you feel confident in taking your business forward with.

If you’re thinking about a new website design, or you’d like to talk to us about your branding or logo design, call us on 01525 715608 to start the conversation.