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Branding and Website Design for Software Developers Based in Leicester

Branding and Website Design for Software Developers Based in Leicester

Branding and Website Design for Software Developers Based in Leicester

Universal Digital Services Ltd (UDSL) provides technical expertise to businesses to help them streamline their digital performance. When it came to accessing some design expertise for their website, however, they contacted Imagefix.

This contact came to us through a referral. We’re always delighted when clients who’ve worked with us recommend our work to others, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with UDSL.

The Scope of the UDSL Work

The company asked Imagefix to create their branding ID and design a WordPress website based on this new brand. We began by offering a range of options for their company logo. This helped UDSL to focus on colours and themes which would run through their digital offering. They chose a ‘burst’ of multi-coloured squares with teal being the dominant shade.

udsl business card

For their business cards the coloured squares appeared in their dynamic form as a burst, but they were also used as bullet points. On the website, the logo formed a background design to the web pages. The colours of the squares were used as panel block colouring to carry the theme through the entire website. The digital dynamism of the business, suggested by the logo, was also underpinned by the use of a header background video, lending movement to the home page.

Building a Working Relationship With Clients 

At Imagefix we believe that the best design work involves the client. Whilst some clients are happy to leave us to it once we’ve had an initial discussion with them, others want to be involved at every stage. We’re entirely flexible as to the amount of input we receive from clients, but we know for sure that the best designs arise where a working relationship has been formed.

With UDSL we had an ongoing conversation about the development of the site. Once we had sign-off on the logo and business cards, our client was happy with us working on a home page design and then submitting a draft for feedback. Through a series of conversations we were able to hone the design detail, and complete the website.

Imagefix Provides Prompt and Responsive Design Services 

The Imagefix team are passionate about creative design, but they also know that creativity has to work to tight time-frames within a business context. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our business clients tailored designs, and creative branding promptly without compromising on quality. How do we do it? We’re a tight, professional team who’ve grown together and communicate well. Most important, we love what we do and we enjoy working with our clients.

Are you looking for an innovative website design to get your brand noticed? Call the Imagefix team today on 01525 715608 to start a conversation.