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Can We Start on the Mince Pies, Yet?

Can We Start on the Mince Pies, Yet?

Not so long ago, come the first week of December, everything slowed down as businesses succumbed to seasonal distractions

For the past two years, though, the Imagefix team have found themselves busier than ever as the Christmas deadline looms. Not that we’re complaining, of course. It’s just that there’s a plate of mince pies waiting on the moment our last pre-Christmas site goes live!!

Last week we announced the launch of the Rapid Rubbish site. Just a few days later we were delighted to go live with Connect Locums. This is an ingenious service, based in Dunstable, that matches high quality GP locums with the practices and medical environments where they’re needed. Today we’ll be bringing online the ‘Senses for All’ website.

Introducing Innovative Oral Health for Adults

At the start of 2019 Imagefix launched the ‘Buddies’ website which was featured on Dragon’s Den. Following the success of her childrens’ toothpastes on the programme, company founder Sian Ellingworth has now created a new range of products for the adult market. The Senses range has been developed for older people and carers attending patients with specific needs.

Having worked together on the Buddies range, the Imagefix design team were delighted to be asked to collaborate on the Senses website. Sian requested a fully responsive e-commerce website in line with the Senses brand guidelines. Working closely with Sian and her team, we’ve developed a robust, good-looking site that provides visitors with a comforting solution to oral health problems.

Is it Christmas Yet?

We’ve still got a few jobs to tie-up over the course of the day. Then we’ll be rounding off with ‘Secret Santa’ and those mince pies. We already know we’ve got to hit the ground running come 2nd Jan, but for a few days we’ll be kicking back, replenishing the creative juices and eating more than we should. Can’t wait!!

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