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Case Study – Architectural Visualisation for Flitwick Housing Development

Architectural Visualisation

Case Study – Architectural Visualisation for Flitwick Housing Development

The Imagefix team has been on a real journey with Rockfield New Homes in Flitwick. We were first approached in 2018 to develop a website show-casing a new housing development in St James’ Place. This required architectural CGI to provide visuals for 3 properties that were still in the process of being built.

The St James’ Place properties are now complete, and another development is about to go on the market. This is a stunning contemporary apartment block, located close to the station and just a walk away from the town centre. The 4 storeys feature balconies and a stylish gabled centrepiece tower. Imagefix was asked to create a new architectural visualisation to help buyers know what the development will look like.

How Does Architectural Visualisation Help to Sell?

In this instance it’s a building that we’re providing a 3D rendering for, but it could just as easily be a retail fit-out, a new product in development, or an office refurbishment. Detailed architectural drawing, or design plans only go so far in helping people to create pictures in their heads. A 3D visualisation, however, will lodge in the mind for several days.

The photo-realistic 3D rendering provided by Imagefix not only shows what the building looks like, for prospective buyer, it also places it within an environmental context. The geography of the positioning is provided by its relationship to other buildings and roads. The colouration is also accurate, as are the landscaping details that complete the look and feel of the development.

Working With Imagefix

We’re a web design and marketing agency, based in Bedfordshire. Much of the work we do involves local businesses. We’re often there at the start – designing their first website – and then go on to develop a marketing and website management relationship with them. It’s always a privilege to be a part of the growth of these businesses. Some of our early clients are now global companies – and we’re delighted to still be sharing the journey with them.

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