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Case Study – Country Vehicles in Shefford Website Goes Live

Case Study – Country Vehicles in Shefford Website Goes Live

Case Study – Country Vehicles in Shefford Website Goes Live

Country Vehicles offers a range of motor services from their garage in Deadmans Cross, Shefford. They contacted us because they wanted a website re-design that would work equally well on mobile or desktops. The CVS team were also ready to change their hosting service, and wanted to know if we could help them to rank better in Google, so we suggested SEO optimisation for the new design.

 Knowing When a Change is Needed

The list of issues that Country Vehicles asked us to address had been growing for a while. Customers were having problems accessing the site on their mobiles. The hosting services weren’t at the standards required by the business owners. There was a growing frustration that this successful business wasn’t hitting Page 1 of Google.

This accumulation of tech issues can go on for quite a while before a tipping point is reached, and action is taken. The Imagefix team always hope that once a business has gotten to know us, that they’ll pick up the phone to us as and when things need doing. So instead of waiting, if customers say there’s a problem with mobile access, we can deal with the problem immediately.

The Country Vehicles Web Design

The original Country Vehicles site provided visitors with a menu to navigate to all their different services. The new WordPress site requires no manual navigation; all the services are available on the home page. The keynote for the CVS brand is high quality, independent services provided through a local garage. Imagefix designers used custom icons, high quality imagery, and spare, informative text to provide instant value for the customer.

Improving Country Vehicles Search Engine Ranking

Google rewards web sites that offer a high value experience to their visitors. Each published site is assessed, and ranked according to Google’s criteria for what constitutes ‘value’. These criteria include:

The Imagefix team applies the Google criteria when SEO optimising a web site. We specialise in improving the ranking of our customers and a number of the businesses we work now have a Page 1 spot on Google.

Working With Imagefix

Imagefix is a Bedfordshire-based design and marketing agency. We’ve been working with local businesses for over a decade now, and have total admiration for the hard work and dedication of all our clients. Early on we made a decision to work in a hand-on way, which means we’ll always be at the end of the phone if you need us. Our aim is to collaborate for success, by contributing our digital expertise to local businesses.

Is it time to refresh your website, or get your business ranking on Google? If you’d like us to help, call our friendly team today on 01525 715608