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Case Study – Integrity Steel Buildings

Case Study - Integrity Steel Buildings

Case Study – Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity Steel Buildings provides an amazing service for their clients. Whether you’re a farmer wanting to start a farm shop, or a local distributor needing storage space, they ensure you have the custom built steel structure you need, fast. Their reason for contacting Imagefix was to extend their customer service excellence to their website. They asked us to redesign the site in order enhance customer value and improve user experience.

Customer-Centred Web Design

Take a look at web design from just 15 years ago and it’s striking that the pages still look a lot like print adverts. As web design has matured, so has digital communication. Advertising (selling) has made way for marketing (engaging) and the pages reflect a growing awareness of customers’ needs.

The priority for Integrity’s new design was to walk visitors through the services on offer. The journey needed to be measured, carefully structured and straightforward. We created a simple navigation and provided clear messaging which provides a comprehensive overview of what’s on offer.

Responsive design guarantees that your visitors will have the same quality of experience whether accessing your site on a phone, desktop or mobile. This is important to Integrity as their customers span a number of sectors, therefore using the full range of devices.

SEO Marketing for Integrity Steel Buildings

As well as designing the site, Integrity asked us to provide website SEO, and ongoing SEO marketing:

  • Website SEO: Once your site is launched it needs to attract visitors. The most effective way to achieve this is Search Engine Optimisation. This involves finding the words that searchers regularly use to look for products like yours (keywords) to guide them to your site. The better your keyword strategy, the higher Google will rank you, and the more visitors you will attract.
  • SEO Marketing: Getting a visitor to visit your site once is an achievement, but you want them to come back again and again. SEO marketing ensures they will by providing new content regularly, which uses keywords that will attract them back. Refreshed content is also a great way to improve your ranking in the search engines.

Working With Imagefix

Integrity Steel Buildings is delighted with the new web design, and the ongoing blog posts that our content marketing team are providing. The Imagefix team are specialists when it comes to effective marketing and design, so we know that we can dramatically improve traffic to your site, and grow your sales as a direct consequence.

Is your website in need of a design refresh? Call the Imagefix team today to transform your web presence – 01525 715608