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Case Study – New Senses Toothpaste Website Launched

Case Study – New Senses Toothpaste Website Launched

Case Study – New Senses Toothpaste Website Launched 

It’s always a real privilege to be part of a business’ journey, and that’s exactly the experience we’ve enjoyed with Sian Ellingworth, founder of Senses For All. Our first web design project for her was Buddies Toothpaste for children a few years ago. This innovative product introduced a range of toothpastes with flavours children would enjoy. We were subsequently asked to design a website for her latest toothpaste range.

The Senses For All Brief

Sian’s new product is for people who are unable to manage their own oral care, perhaps because of dementia, autism or chronic health conditions. Research shows that certain health conditions produce sensory processing issues. This can lead to a rejection of strong smells, or tastes such as minty toothpaste. The Senses range is designed for use in these circumstances and includes toothpaste, toothbrushes, and swab sticks.

We received a detailed brief for the Senses For All website. Its target audience is carers looking after predominantly older people. The Senses brand serves a niche market, and Sian is a thought leader in the area of oral hygiene. As such the sight needed to be authoritative, and provide detailed information in an easy-to-read format.

Designing the Website

The Imagefix design team created a clean, easily navigable website for the Senses range. The website includes an e-shop and a number of pages explaining the research behind the product. This is a ‘text heavy’ site, so we made sure that the pages felt clean, with plenty of white space and clear headings. Sian’s team provided brand guidelines and these were applied throughout.

We Wish Sian Every Success With Her New Venture

We have huge respect for the work Sian does. She started out as a mom wanting to see better toothpaste design for children, and has gradually become a passionate entrepreneur in the oral healthcare field. We recently supported Sian’s successful appearance on Dragon’s Den and we were delighted to see her business thrive as a result. The team at Imagefix can’t wait to see what the next chapter of Sian’s story will be!

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