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Case Study – New Website Design For Builders

Case Study - New Website Design For Builders

Case Study -New Website Design For Builders and DIY enthusiasts

Every website we take on at Imagefix is an exciting new challenge for us. It’s rare, though, that a client arrives with a totally new idea and asks us to help realise it. BipZip is just that. Our client has a unique solution to a problem that frustrates builders across the UK.

BipZip is the country’s first online search engine, built for builders. It’s hard to believe, but until BipZip came along, builders could spend hours driving from one supplier to another to find what they need. The search engine saves them time and money, therefore, and builds in real time price comparisons. We were bowled over to be part of this innovative development.

Creating a Website for BipZip

Creating a Website for BipZip

Whilst the search engine itself was being built, Imagefix was designing the BipZip website. As this is a totally new venture, we created the logo and branding as well as designing the web pages. For BipZip the priorities were twofold: explaining the concept clearly for the target sector, and making it easy to start using the search engine.

In addition to the website, therefore, Imagefix created a 1 minute explainer video using motion graphics. The aim is to make the process of using BipZip as intuitive as possible for builders who have little time to spare.

Writing Copy for the BipZip Website

Our copywriters were kept extremely busy with this site. First they were required to find a clarity and appropriate tone to describe the search engine, its functions and its benefits. Second, they created all the copy for the back-end, sign-up, and membership communications.

The copy was created, placed before focus groups, then revised and re-submitted in order to find the messaging that worked best. Often our team found themselves attempting to describe functions that were still in the process of being developed. All in all this was a close collaboration with our client, and the clock was always ticking as we neared launch.

The BipZip Website is Born

BipZip was such an exciting project to work on, and the entrepreneur behind it, who was driving the process, was a delight to work with. There was a close collaboration throughout as he was relaying messages to us about the search engine development and we were designing the site and copy in response. We would urge all builders out there to take a look at the BipZip site – it does an amazing job!

Working With Imagefix

We’re a web design and marketing agency, based in Bedfordshire. Imagefix works across the UK, but we also take every opportunity to support the local business community closer to home. We’re often present in the early moments of a new business or idea and in many cases, having designed their initial website, we go on to develop a marketing and website management relationship with them. It’s our delight and privilege to be present at the birth of new businesses; it’s why we love our work so much.

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