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Case Study – New Website for Lingerie Business Based in Sandy

Case Study – New Website for Lingerie Business Based in Sandy

New Website for Lingerie Business Based in Sandy 

When you’re running an on site business, you need a website that’s working at peak performance. The owners of La Didor Lingerie contacted Imagefix because they were less than happy with their current website and were looking for a new one, as a matter of urgency. We were delighted to have the opportunity to create a high functioning, good looking e-commerce site for a local business.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience 

La Didor Lingerie seeks to provide women with the opportunity to find luxury underwear that makes them ‘feel great from within’. The experience starts with browsing the website for items, and then buying from the online shop.

Visitors to the website were finding the site slow to load, and difficult to navigate. The challenge for our design team was to improve the functionality and navigation of the site, so that visitors could forget the tech, and focus on the beautiful La Didor products.

Small Changes, Huge Difference 

Whilst building the site La Didor Lingerie felt that the header area, particularly above the navigation needed a complete overhaul from previous design structure to enhance the site’s commercial competitiveness. The Imagefix design team made some radical changes to this element of design which, once implemented, made a huge impact on the site as a whole.

These included:

  • Clear call to actions featured in header
  • Social media links
  • Restyled navigation – mega menu styling
  • Bespoke styling when viewing in mobile and tablet devices

Improving Website Performance 

Our other main technical task was to improve the loading speed for the website. When creating sites Imagefix always aim for 3 seconds or less for pages to load, as research shows that visitors will click away if it takes any longer. We achieved this by moving the La Didor site onto our servers, and optimising the many images across the website pages.

Other technical work included:

 A Great Response From La Didor Lingerie 

The owners of La Didor Lingerie were delighted with the website we created for them:

“After months of frustrations with my old website I decided to contact Imagefix and glad I did. They created me a new website in less than a month. My website went live few days ago and very happy with the service. The website is user friendly, easy to navigate and fast as well. Thank you so much Garry and your team for your hard work, much appreciated.”

It’s always great to get such a positive response from clients, and it’s exactly what we aim for on every site we design. We’re hoping to continue the journey with La Didor as they’re looking for organic SEO in the future, but for now we wish them every success with their new, speedy website!

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