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Case Study – SEO for Red Occasions Event Specialists in Bedford

Case Study – SEO for Red Occasions Event Specialists in Bedford

Case Study – SEO for Red Occasions Event Specialists in Bedford

The Red Occasions team like to make extraordinary events happen. For over a decade they’ve been creating festivals, large-scale music events, conferences, fashion shows and weddings. As you can imagine, the lockdown in March 2020 put something of a dent in their immediate event calendar. Not ones to let the grass grow under their feet, however, they immediately got to work creating and supporting virtual events for clients.

Red Occasions also decided to use the time they’d gained in 2020 to re-invigorate their SEO strategywhich is where Imagefix comes in. They told us that they had two goals they wanted us to address. First, they wanted to improve their Google ranking for all Red Occasions services, achieving a top ranking for locations within a 100 mile radius. The second goal was to improve their website design in order to encourage new visitors to engage, click through and buy from them.

Improving Red Occasions Ranking in Google

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to being found by potential customers online. Google has criteria by which it judges the quality of online sites. The more criteria you meet, the higher Google will rank you. SEO is all about ensuring your site meets the most criteria, with the prize of achieving a top spot on Page One.

In order to enhance Red Occasions’ performance in the rankings, the Imagefix team ran an audit to find out where they could improve the Google score. This showed us that increasing their loading speed would be a win. It was also clear that we could make major improvements in keyword research and implementation across every product. Finally, there were a number of back end errors flagged up, which we are currently working to resolve.

Red Occasions Website Enhancements

Getting people onto your site is the work of SEO. Getting visitors engaged once they’re there is about good web design. The Imagefix design team analysed the Red Occasions site and made a number of recommendations to improve the visitor experience:

  • Font and slight colour change throughout the site
  • Alteration to headline sizes
  • Strengthen calls to action for phone, email and social media clicks
  • Design change for navigation drop-down to improve the look and feel
  • Tighten up content on homepage, strengthening the invitation to click through

Making your website more appealing for visitors doesn’t always require a design overhaul. Each one of these changes are pretty small, but the effect of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The design is cleaner making the copy easier to read, the navigation is simpler, and visitors are guided to a range of opportunities to engage with what Red Occasions is offering.

Working With Red Occasions

Improvements to the look and feel of the Red Occasions website have now been completed. The SEO work is still ongoing but we have no doubt that we can lift this dynamic events business to top ranking in Google over the next few months. So when the UK gets back to enjoying music, festivals and weddings once more, they’ll be in a great position to soak up the demand!

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