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Case Study: Web Design for Independent Garage, London

Case Study: Web Design for Independent Garage, London

Autozoom contacted us with just the kind of challenge Imagefix loves to step up to. Their brand new vehicle body shop in Acton, West London, was due to launch in just over a month – would we provide their new website, marketing and content to meet that deadline? What could we say? The clock was ticking, it was a new business; we agreed to make it happen.

Project Planning for Autozoom

Our client was a non-stop source of energy, enthusiasm and ideas, all of which we shaped into a project plan that would guarantee a timely delivery. Our priority was to create a solid marketing base for the garage, which could be built on once a regular flow of customers had been established. After initial conversations, we agreed a brief that included:

The Imagefix team knew that the deadline was tight, so schedules were tweaked, focus was sharpened and we were all prepared to put in the extra work to ensure we delivered excellence to the deadline.

Autozoom Website Design

The one design element that was in place when we started was the logo, so that’s where our web design started. The Autozoom brand speaks to luxury car owners with a passion for high performance supercars. The design reflects this both visually and through the copy. High quality imagery is the focus throughout, with plenty of white space to let it breathe. Copy is spare but informative – introducing a range ‘high end’ automotive services.

The Imagefix Team

In the early stages of the design process our web designer worked intensively with the client. As soon as the design was signed off, however, the project became more complex to manage. The team working on the Autozoom design was made up of a copywriter, PPC campaign specialist, SEO researcher and a graphic designer. Daily reporting sessions provided ongoing updates for the client, and regular feedback meetings were scheduled.

Hitting the Deadline

Of course we hit it! The website was fully tested and ready to ‘go live’ a few days before our agreed deadline. Our client had worked closely with all the members of the team throughout the design process, and he was delighted with what the close collaboration had achieved in a short time. The Imagefix team were equally excited about seeing the site go live. It’s this kind of challenge that gets our creative juices, not to mention our adrenalin, flowing.

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