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Content Marketing Examples

Content Marketing Examples

Looking for Some Content Marketing Examples?

Explaining what content marketing is can be tough. It’s one of those things that’s much easier to give examples of than it is to define. One of our favourite ways of describing how it works is to use recipe sites as our example. These are the ones that pop up when you search for ‘Best Chilli’, ‘Cheesecake’ etc. You find Sainsbury’s, Good Food, or Good Housekeeping clamouring to give you free recipes. Why? Because that’s how they engage online searchers, and build a loyal following.

Content marketing gives you useful stuff such as recipes, news, information or tips that aren’t directly about the products the company sells. The quality of the content, and the company’s ability to know what’ll be useful to you, is used to build trust. The aim is to create content that you’ll want more of.

Creating Content Marketing For Your Brand

It’s a creative challenge to keep developing content that can inform, engage and appeal to your online visitors. A Zazzle Media survey found that 60% of businesses struggled with consistently producing new content, and 65% found it difficult to create engaging content. At Imagefix we work with a number of clients on content creation and they often find it helps to be given some examples to spark inspiration.

So, for those of you looking for ideas, we thought we’d list 5 examples of content marketing we’re currently using:

1. New Blogs

  • News Blogs. These blogs provide a digest of newsworthy events, or offer a ‘walk-through’ of issues that are impacting the sector, such as new regulations or laws.
  • Opinion Pieces. These are often short blogs or articles written by the CEO or owner. They offer a leadership perspective on what’s happening in the sector.
  • Case Studies. These are a popular way to demonstrate the kind of work you do, and the environments you work in.

2. Paper Aeroplane Leaflet

A local aeronautical design company asked the Imagefix team to create a leaflet which would prove a talking point at trade shows and conferences. We suggested that the leaflet incorporate instructions for folding it to create a model aeroplane. Instantly a sales leaflet becomes a piece of content marketing because it ceases to be about direct selling, and becomes about engagement.

3. ‘How To’ Animation

If your product needs a detailed ‘how to’ explanation for installation or use, what’s the most engaging way to communicate it? We recently created a CGI animation for a client who was selling depot fuelling equipment. The website was heavily technical so the short video was an instant winner for visitors. This simple content can be used for any kind of process or product.

4. Fly Throughs and Idea Realisation

How do you get people excited about something that doesn’t yet exist? It could be a house, an interior design, or a product in development. 3D rendering provides the potential to create an HD photo-realistic image of the future, right now. Imagefix has created these products for property developers, but we could also use them for decorators, design and fit out contractors, or architects.

5. The Email Connection

We keep being told that email is finished but the evidence suggests otherwise. 76% of UK businesses say that email’s important, or very important to their marketing strategy. A number of our clients use email marketing as an effective way to keep in contact with their customers. Mailshots can take the form of newsletters, case studies, or promotional material.

Talk to Imagefix About Your Content Marketing 

If you’d like to create some content which will feed into your marketing strategy, Imagefix can help. Either we can realise your idea for you, or suggest content that may be appropriate to your business. If you’re unsure where to start, just give us a call and talk to our friendly team. We find that conversation is where all the best ideas begin.

5 content marketing examples to get you inspired. If you’d like to adapt any of them for your own business, give us a call on 01525 715608