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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy


What Content Marketing Strategy Builds Your Customer Base?

  • Want to strike up a conversation with visitors to your website?
  • Seeking the opportunity to chat with visitors about your unique offering?
  • Looking for ways to connect with people who need your product?

That’s what a content marketing strategy is all about. Lots of websites behave like shop windows – they encourage visitors to look and move on. The most effective websites, however, are those which look for opportunities to engage instantly with visitors, and strike up a conversation.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter have led the way with content marketing. They’ve refined the art of making every customer feel ‘seen’, noticed, and valued. So what can we learn from the content marketing strategy employed by these giants?


1. Different Kinds of Content 

There’s lots of ways to strike up a conversation so don’t stick to one mode of approach. Give visitors a choice of ways to engage – here’s a few examples:

  • Case studies
  • Client reviews
  • Meet the team intros
  • ‘How to’ guides
  • CEO opinion pieces
  • Regular blogs
  • Recent images the team at work
  • Invites to connect

There’s no doubt that there’s lots of different ways to strike up a conversation, but what’s right for your customers?

2. Getting Inside Your Customers’ Heads 

Google, Facebook and Amazon appear able to anticipate your preferences, and how you want to engage. This doesn’t happen by accident. Huge teams analyse the data of individuals and create content and products in response. They’re looking for customers to be delighted by the platform’s tailored response to their needs.

You probably don’t need a huge team to analyse your customers’ data. Most companies know their clients well through the communications they have with them, the questions they get asked, and the positive/negative feedback they receive. Start capturing these interactions – they tell you everything you need to know about getting inside your customers’ heads.

3. Do a Bit of Mystery Shopping 

The quality of the experience we receive from Google, Amazon or Facebook is a result of the their fierce competitiveness. Each one wants to outdo the others in terms of customer service – because their business depends on it.

Knowing what your competitors are doing right and wrong is a great way to improve your own customer service. Take some time to visit their sites and look at them through the eyes of a customer. There might be things you want to include on your own site, but also look for the ways that you can do things differently – with extra special care paid to the needs of your customers.

4. What do People want to Know About What You Sell

Facebook recently invited former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, to be Head of Communications in Europe. Why? Because there was growing momentum around the need for government regulation of the platform across Europe, and especially in the UK. Nick Clegg – a former UK politician – is an effective form of Content Marketing chosen by FaceBook in response to a growing body of urgent questions.

Knowing the questions that are being asked about what you sell is crucial, because you want to be the business that creates the impactful response. It’s worth checking out social media, Google and specialist sites such as Answer the Public. You’re looking for trends, questions and concerns that your business could respond to, or be part of.

5. Use Keywords in All Your Content Marketing 

SEO research helps you to discover how people are searching for what you sell. It lets you know whether the way you describe your product correlates with the search terms that achieve the highest volume.

And it’s not just the high value keywords that are helpful. Often long tail phrases and questions offer you the opportunity to attract customer attention. For example ‘storage containers’ has a search volume of 5,400 per month, making it highly competitive. ‘Storage containers to rent’ however gets 18 searches per month, but in a much less competitive field.

 Imagefix Creates Websites That Support Your Marketing Strategy 

The Imagefix team are passionate about designing websites that are effective when used as part of your marketing strategy. That’s why our designs include a range of different kinds of content, each crafted to appeal to your customer network. We also offer organic SEO on every piece of content we produce – meaning it’ll rank high in Google’s search engine.

 Looking for content marketing that connects effectively with visitors to your website? Call the Imagefix team today for examples of our work – 01525 715608