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Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

10 Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas from Imagefix

Is endless choice always a good thing? Take marketing, for example. The marketing ‘headache’ should be a thing of the past! Small businesses now have so many more ways to engage with potential customers, and most of it’s free. So why aren’t we all embracing the digital opportunities and celebrating marketing creativity?

Well, what our clients tell us is that there’s just too much choice. When you have 100 different ways to promote your goods or services, how do you choose which ones will work for you?

You Can’t Do Everything

Spreading yourself too thin is disastrous for any marketing campaign. You can’t do everything so you’ll need to choose which marketing channels suit your product or service best. We know that’s difficult. At Imagefix we work with clients to design creative marketing campaigns, and we always start by asking 10 questions. The answers they give helps to give shape to their campaign.

10 Questions to Shape Your Creative Marketing Campaign

Low on creativity? Try our 10 questions to get the creative marketing campaign ideas buzzing:

1. Why Is Your Business Good For Us?

21st century campaigns focus on the ways in which brands care, or contribute to a better society. If your product or service really does make a difference, think about causes you could align yourself to, or ways you could position yourself to emphasise this.

2. Do You Look As Good As You Could?

There was a time when ‘visual’ meant a few photos on your website. We are now visually sophisticated consumers who want pictures to be high quality and relevant. Brands that can tell their stories through pictures, as well as text, will attract more customers.

3. Is Your Content SEO Rich?

Without Search Engine Optimisation all your creative efforts could get lost in the clamour of the web marketplace. Using carefully researched keywords organically across your online presence, amplifies your brand and allows potential customers to find you easily.

4. Do Your Customers Know Who You Are?

Customers want to buy from people now, rather than businesses. A simple but effective marketing idea is to introduce the people behind the brand, using photos and short videos on your website and YouTube. The key here is authenticity, your customers aren’t looking for Hollywood, they’re looking for ‘real’.

5. When Did You Last Check Out The Competition?

If you’re not checking them out regularly, you’re missing a trick. Pinpoint 2 or 3 major competitors and keep an eye on the keywords they’re using and the marketing campaigns they’re running. You’ll need to match their efforts – without copying them. Otherwise they could be attracting your customers.

6. How Much Attention Do You Pay To Your Social Media?

If you’re not on social media every day you’re wasting a resource. Not every platform will be right for you, so start by reviewing what works for you and what doesn’t. Commit to one or two platforms and start posting every day. That way you’ll discover what they can do to build your network, and grow your sales.

7. How Do You Start a Conversation With Your Customers?

This is related to the social media question, and it’s crucial to your business. 21st century consumers want to be part of something; they don’t just want to be talked at. So where’s the opportunity for you to talk directly to your customers? It could be Facebook, or a forum, or a social event you hold regularly.

8. What Can You Give Away?

Before you answer this question, think about the difference between receiving a birthday gift someone has put thought into, and one that’s been hastily sourced at the local supermarket. If you give something away, it has to have value. Think what you could give away that would make people laugh, feel grateful, or feel that you care about them.

9. Is Your Content Shakespeare Or Stormzy?

You don’t want either. What you do want is content that has been carefully crafted to speak to your potential customers. It should make cultural references they recognise, use a vocabulary that is recognisable, and reflect values that are important to them.

10. Do You Have Some Knowledge You Could Share?

If you could offer useful tips on DIY, or you know thought leaders in your sector, you might want to consider hosting a podcast or webinar. These are incredibly popular ways to get your brand noticed. If you don’t want the hassle of setting up a podcast, there are some great sponsorship opportunities out there that can bring your brand to millions of listeners.

 Imagefix Creates Creative Marketing Campaigns

If you’re wanting to shape up a new marketing campaign that will grab your customers’ attention, or if you just want to refresh what you’re already doing, Imagefix can help. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ packages; every campaign is tailored to our customers requirements and their budget.

Why not give us a ring so we can get the conversation started about your creative marketing campaign? Call us on 01525 715