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Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Using the Customer Journey for Effective Web Design

Any website wanting to achieve a ranking on page one of Google, now has to show – in no uncertain terms – that visitors are their 100% focus. Over the past few years this has changed the character of websites from being loud, brash selling machines, to catering for a new generation of online consumer. Anyone in business now knows that the question ‘What do visitors need from the website?’ is the most powerful one they can ask.

What’s the Difference Between a ‘Visitor’ and a ‘Customer’?

Every feature of website design now takes stock of ‘visitor’ needs. And the more your site does so, the more it climbs in the search engine rankings. The ‘visitor journey’ is different, though, from the ‘customer journey’. A visitor could be defined as someone searching widely. A customer is someone who is likely to be attracted to your brand, but needs to recognise you’re the right fit for their needs.

 Mapping the Customer Journey 

Businesses that go through a ‘mapping’ process prior to designing a website, will have a more effective marketing tool at the end. It’s not a massive project, and it will reveal loads of shared knowledge that may not have surfaced before. At its most basic level, a ‘customer journey’ map starts with 5 questions:

  1. Customer Snapshots. Who are your customers? Create some snapshots and give them names like ‘stressed dad’, ‘ambitious mom’ etc. Where might they work, what are the problems that they need solving?
  2. Where Will They Find You? Once you know who your customers are, think about how they’ll find you. Will it be social media first, word-of-mouth, TV? How do people arrive at your website, and what do they already know when they arrive?
  3. What Do Customers Do Before They Buy? Online shopping has taught us to be more discerning. It’s rare that customers arrive on your website ready to buy. So what resources can you provide to help them make their decision?
  4. What are Your Website Goals? Your customers may be keen on finding out more about the company before buying – for example. So, what do you want them to take away from your ‘About Us’ page? Every customer activity can become a clear goal for website design.
  5. Map the Customer Journey onto the Website. Ensure that every stage of the customer journey is supported on your website. For example: product description, reviews, company information, FAQs. Contact page.

Getting Visual With Your Customer Journey

It can often help to create a literal map of the journeys each of your customer snapshots are likely to take through your online offering. Each one will have specific stages at which you can keep or lose a customer to a competitor; your website design should work actively to keep customers engaged with your brand at these vulnerable moments.

Case Study – Translating Technical Information 

We recently worked on a website design for an Engineering company. The content was extremely technical and our client was concerned that customers may get lost in the sheer detail on offer. Our design team suggested that we create an informational animation as an alternative mode of communication for one of the pages. Our client was delighted with the solution and had no doubt that it would solve the problem.

Imagefix Works With Customer Journey Maps

We always spend a good deal of time with clients prior to starting work on their website designs. As a team we need to understand the business, the customers, and the competitors. We value any resource that deepens our understanding of the users we’re creating for. Every single Imagefix website provides a great online experience. With a customer journey map we’re able to turn that into a personalised customer experience.

Wondering how customer journey mapping can be used for website design? Imagefix web design team work to create highly effective, branded websites for clients. Call 01525 715608