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Does More Content Mean More Traffic?

Does More Content Mean More Traffic?

Does More Content Mean More Traffic?

When it comes to successful SEO, it’s all about the numbers. From backlinks to marketing materials to website traffic, more is almost always better. But in no instance do the numbers count for more than when it comes to the content you produce and publish.

There’s a simple and straightforward reason why content quantity has a direct impact on traffic. The more content you produce and publish, the greater your potential to capitalise on competitive keywords. It’s no secret that keyword-stuffing is no less than the antichrist of SEO strategies. Nevertheless, spreading literally thousands of keywords out across vast volumes of content only stands to benefit your business.

The Pareto Principle

Known by a variety of formal and informal handles, the Pareto Principle is that which dictates that just 20% of your efforts will drive 80% of your results. Or in this case, 80% of your web traffic will be driven by 20% of your content.

The only problem is you have little to no idea as to which 20% will deliver the goods. Hence, you essentially need as much content as you can lay your hands on, in order to ensure at least some of it sticks.

Time and Effort

One of the reasons why smaller businesses struggle to keep up with their more established counterparts is the fact that they simply do not have the time or the resources to invest in web marketing. Smaller businesses often take a rather casual approach to content production and publishing – larger businesses having entire marketing departments dedicated to the cause.

It all seems a little unfair from the perspective of the underdog, but is simply the way things work. After all, you can’t realistically expect a website with seven pages to outrank a similar site with 700 pages. It just isn’t going to happen.

As far as the powers that be are concerned, quantity matters because it has a direct correlation with value. Google are all about directing web users to sites equipped to solve their problems and answer their questions. If it’s detected that a website is packed to bursting point with quality content, it’s of course going to benefit from strong exposure. By contrast, it’s naturally assumed that more compact sites cannot and do not bring the same level of value to the table.

Quality and Consistency

In contradiction to the rather gloomy picture painted above, it isn’t all a lost cause for smaller businesses. The key to online success, if looking to drive more web traffic, lies in quality and consistency. If you simply do not have the time or the resources to produce and publish reams of content, it’s better to focus on producing smaller quantities of genuinely spectacular quality. This way, you’ll satisfy your existing customer base and stand to have your work shared far and wide.

Even if you’re limited to posting just a couple of times per week, it’s still far better than nothing. The more high-quality content you put out, the bigger the benefits for your customers, your website and ultimately your business as a whole.

Publishing content represents a somewhat long-winded approach to driving web traffic. Nevertheless, the answer is a hard and fast yes – more content really does mean more traffic. If you found this interesting, you may enjoy reading our tips on writing great website content.

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