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E-Commerce Website for Luton Rubbish Removal Service

E-Commerce Website for Luton Rubbish Removal Service

E-Commerce Website for Luton Rubbish Removal Service

At Imagefix, we always love discovering new services that make our lives easier. So it was great to meet up with the Rapid Rubbish team. They’ll collect any commercial or domestic rubbish you need to get rid of, and dispose of it for you! They asked us to design an e-commerce website which would make it simple for clients to book and pay for the service online.

Creating a User-Friendly E-Commerce Site 

We’ve all experienced those e-commerce sites which promise a simple ‘pay-and-go’ process but, in actuality, offer anything but. The Imagefix design team set themselves the challenge of creating a website that was foolproof, and completely straightforward.

We had a number of parameters that had to be factored in to our design:

  • Customers must be able to choose full, or part payment
  • Pick-ups can take place throughout the day
  • Once a slot is taken, it must become unavailable to anyone else
  • The service would only be open to residents in a 20 mile radius of Luton and Peterborough

Copy Writing for Rapid Rubbish 

Our client wanted the Rapid Rubbish site to operate independently; no contact details were to be included on any of the pages. This gave our copywriters a clear task; the content had to be scannable, explanatory and non-ambiguous at all times. Icons were used extensively to complement the concise text, and pages were kept free of extraneous clutter.

Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economic 

Once the site was in place, we put it through a rigorous testing process and found it to be robust. It was still a nail-biting moment, though, when it went live. Imagine our delight when we heard back from our client that the site was doing everything required of it. Customers understood how to use it immediately and the booking system worked without a hitch.

Our client was delighted, and the Imagefix team were overjoyed – we love it when we’re able to make complex systems seem easy!

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