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Graphic Design Agency in Bedford

Graphic Design Agency in Bedford

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Whoever said that print is dead has obviously overlooked the power of a stylish business card, or a beautifully executed glossy brochure. Print is very much alive and well, and can do wonders for marketing your business to potential customers and partners. But print collateral only works if it is well implemented, with good finishing and excellent attention to detail. That’s where Imagefix, your local graphic design agency in Bedford, come in.

Graphic and Print Design Agency Bedford

As with most things in life, you can get it done, or you can get it done right. Imagefix know how to get printed collateral done right. With a history in the print and design industry, the team at Imagefix know how to bring your brand to life on the printed page:

Where to begin?

First things first, you need to know who you want to talk to, and what you want to say. Focussing on the audience you want to reach, and the message you want to put across to them will determine the kind of printed materials your design agency can create for you. For example, if you want to showcase a promotional range, or detail the services you provide to prospective customers, then a brochure would be your best form of communication. If you’re looking to highlight a single offer or advertise a particular service to people in the area, then a leaflet or flyer may be best.

The conundrum of creative content

Creative content is a buzz word used by graphic design agencies, which basically refers to the information you are conveying to your clients, both on page and on screen. It covers everything from copy, images, graphics, and illustrations, presented in a way that conforms to your brand values. You need to put what you want to say as clearly and concisely as possible, addressing the audience directly and outlining your calls to action and your offering.

Great content should be able to answer the reader’s questions as soon as they’re thinking them, and images should support what you are saying, or illustrate your brand or services.

Get the branding right

Imagefix have a long history in the print and design agency industry, so they know exactly how important branding is. At the very least, your brand should have a logo, a preferred font and a colour palette; by using these elements consistently across everything you produce, you encourage customers to associate them with your company name, and it gives a consistent and considered look to your business.

If you need any advice on branding your business, or perhaps refreshing your brand, then Imagefix is a great place to start.

Check please!

It goes without saying that you should check, check, check everything you intend to print. Once a mistake is printed, you can’t hit the delete key! A good graphic design agency in Bedford, like Imagefix, will proofread your collateral as part of their in-house processes, but you will need to check information such as codes, products and pricing carefully to make sure that you’ve put the right information in the right places.

Finish on a high

So you’ve worked really hard with your chosen graphic design agency, and produced a stunning brochure, a set of really classy business cards, and a suite of great stationery for the office staff to use. Now to just get it printed! It takes a little more consideration than that. Lucky for you, Imagefix knows the print industry inside out, and can talk you through all the varied options for paper weights, stocks, printing methods, and finishing options for all your collateral:

  • Your business cards, for example, would look great on a heavy stock with a matte finish, perhaps with some UV spotting to really make the logo jump off the paper.
  • Your brochures, by contrast, should be on some mid-weight paper, with a slightly thicker glossy cover, to really give them some weight and a feeling of professional quality, especially if you’re showcasing your services with some great imagery.
  • Office stationery needs to be on a good quality paper that will work with your office printers; there’s no point in printing your letterhead on some luxury stock only to find you can’t overprint it to send letters and invoices out to your clients!


Take the time to discuss all the options, you’ll be happier with the finished results if you’ve given the paper some careful consideration.

If this has inspired you, and you’re looking for a graphic design agency in the Bedford area to help you with branching out into the world of printed collateral, then get in touch with Imagefix today to discuss any and all exciting ideas you may have. We’d love to hear from you!