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Grow Your Online Business In 2021

Grow Your Online Business In 2021

Need a Hand to Grow Your Online Business in 2021?

The British High Street has spent most of 2020 in the ‘brace position’, but even so, the Tier 4 lockdown just before Christmas is a severe blow. And it’s not just shops that will feel the impact; gyms, restaurants, pubs, theatres and hauliers are suffering as a result. Polls show that over 50% of the public supports these measures to beat the virus, but it’s extremely tough for businesses that rely on Christmas trade.

“The closure of non-essential retail in Tier 4 during what is usually the last, and busiest, week of Christmas trading will have a hugely detrimental impact on retailers who have already had a difficult year.”

Imagefix Clients Move Their Businesses Online

During the first few days of lockdown back in March the Imagefix team, along with the rest of the country, were in shock. Then, as we adapted to the new reality, we – like many of our clients – started to adapt. Zoom was our new best friend as we moved out of the physical office and into its virtual equivalent. Retail businesses moved online fast; pubs and restaurants transformed how they did business. Virtual gyms became ‘the thing’.

Consumers Change Their Online Behaviour

Business innovated in early 2020, but so did consumers – in fact you could argue that they were the drivers of a huge digital transformation. Online shopping doubled in 2020 – no surprise there – but it brought with it a whole new digital experience. Here’s just a few examples of the digital innovation we saw:

  • Online pub quizzes
  • Tea, coffee and beer delivery
  • Online classes for yoga, meditation, languages etc
  • Virtual ‘try on’ for clothing stores
  • Live chat and Zoom for meetings
  • Virtual gyms, streamed plays, and online visits to galleries

Ready for Digital Transformation?

It’s great news about the vaccine, but – realistically – it’s going to take a while to roll out. So, is your business ready for a digital 2021? For many companies this means integrating e-commerce software and growing their social media marketing. But there’s a whole range of digital options that could boost your digital presence, and differentiate you from the rest.

This year Imagefix has been working with businesses to do just that. We’ve discovered that there are 3 questions to finding the digital strategy that is the best fit for you:

  1. What Do Your Customers Want? Consumers needs and desires have changed over the past year. Maybe you’re being asked for new products or services. Maybe your customers are switching to other providers. Take a close look at your customers’ behaviour to see if you’re still serving them better than anyone else could.
  2. How Can You Adapt Your Services for Customers? Missing the one-to-one relationship retail offered? Reproduce it digitally. Offer customer consultations for free. Publish a ‘how to’ guide, or offer a short video.  Human contact is now hugely valuable to us, so think about ways that you can offer a digital version to show how much you care about your customers.
  3. Re-Imagine How You Do Business. During the first lockdown, short-term solutions were the name of the game. Now we’re into our 3rd lockdown and it’s likely that our behaviours are changing permanently. So what have you learnt over the past year? And how might you re-imagine your business for the long term, with its centrepiece being digital delivery?

Need a Hand to Grow Your Online Business?

Whether you need a chat about your options, or you want support to realise your digital ambitions, Imagefix is here to help. We’re very much a champion of SME’s – being one ourselves – and we know how difficult it can be to grow your company, especially in a pandemic! Our team is made up of web designers, digital marketers, content creators, CGI experts and PPC specialists.

If you would like to talk to a member of the Imagefix team about preparing your business for 2021, give us a call on 01525 715608