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High-Impact Marketing

High-Impact Marketing


3 Guaranteed High-Impact Marketing Techniques

Not all marketing is high-impact, nor should it be. The over-all aim of marketing materials is to create a relationship with customers, by providing useful resources, and offering a high value experience for online searchers. Not every blog you post will trend, therefore, but they will increase your visitor numbers which, in turn, will grow the authority of your site, and raise your ranking in Search Engines such as Google.


 Adding High-Impact Marketing Into the Mix

A high-impact marketing campaign is one that has a significant impact on your sales. It doesn’t always require huge amounts of money to achieve great results. Rather, it’s about having clearly defined goals, and knowing the best way to achieve them. You may, for example, want to start an Instagram account in order to attract a new audience to your product. Seeing high engagement rates means that you’re achieving an impact and increasing your exposure.

The first step for successful high-impact marketing is, therefore, to know what your goal is, and how to achieve it. In this blog we provide 3 goals many Imagefix clients tells us they want to achieve, and the solutions we provide which guarantee success.

1. I Need to Know I’m Targeting the Right Audience

When sales aren’t coming as fast as you want, you’ll want to know whether you’re targeting your audience accurately.

Suppose you want to increase sales of a particular product. The best way to do it is to find the people who are ready to buy and target your marketing at them. But how to find the ideal target audience? At Imagefix we work with 2 data sets to achieve this:

  • Google Analytics. This provides detailed information about the people who have visited your product page over the past 6-12 months.
  • Pay-Per-Click. If you’ve run any ads over the past year we can gather vital analytics data about the people who clicked onto your product.

2. I Want to Increase Brand Exposure Without Spending a Fortune

Want to engage with more potential customers? Looking to let other businesses to know what you do? Social media is the ideal way to achieve your goal and see high-impact results. 73% of UK marketers believe that using social media is ‘somewhat effective’, or ‘very effective’ for their business. Imagefix regularly uses social media as a means to drive traffic to clients’ websites.

For social media to be effective, research is needed to find out which social media platform is the natural home of your target audience. We then spend time crafting the content and tone to ensure ongoing engagement with regular posts.

3. How Do I Let People Know I Exist?

This is a big problem for lots of our clients. Many of them have had a new website designed and expected this to yield a consistent stream of visitors. Unfortunately, though, the visitors won’t materialise without SEO. Visitors find websites by using search engines. If your business isn’t ranking on the first page of Google it’s unlikely anyone will click through to it. Search Engine Optimisation is how you make this happen.

Imagefix has had consistently excellent results for clients by using SEO to build their online presence and grow traffic to their site. We’ve been working with this particular high-impact marketing technique for over a decade now, and we’ve seen businesses significantly increase their leads as a result of the work we’ve done for them. SEO isn’t an immediate fix, but it’s essential for businesses to succeed online.

 Work With Imagefix on Your High-Impact Marketing

Imagefix is a design and marketing agency with over 10 years’ experience in growing clients’ businesses. Each of our digital marketing solutions is tailor-made, and we don’t rest until we’re sure that the strategy is working as it should. Our team has grown with us, and are committed to the personalised approach that characterises our work with clients. We’ll always pick up the phone to you, and we always deliver on our strategies.

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