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How a WordPress Maintenance Service can help your Business

How a Wordpress Maintenance Service can help your Business

5 Ways a WordPress Maintenance Service Can Benefit Your Business

So your beautiful new WordPress website has been launched, you’ve got people ‘liking’ on your FB page, and you’re doing pretty well in the Google rankings. Job done? It’s hard to hear but – in reality – having a website made is like getting a pet for Christmas; after the initial novelty wears off you realise you’ll be doing daily walks, cleaning up, and general TLC forever….

One of the things that many website designers and developers don’t explain on handover is that websites need ongoing attention in order to maintain security, keep features working optimally, and remain high in the SEO rankings. Once you own a website the buck stops with you. Unless, that is, you value those few precious hours you currently preserve for yourself. In which case you find a trustworthy WordPress maintenance service.

Why Outsource WordPress Website Maintenance?

This is a question you’ll only ask if you have never been a designated ‘webmaster’. We work with a lot of local businesses, and we know how heroically hard owners work.

Here are 5 ways that a WordPress maintenance service could give them a break:

Freeing Up Your Time

Website maintenance eats up your time, every day, and it doesn’t stop when you’re on holiday. Using a WordPress maintenance service frees up business owners to do the things that they do best – the things that that drive the business – rather than trying to learn how to manage a whole new set of tasks.

Search Engine Optimisation

Where your website ranks in Google searches will be determined by how closely it adheres to SEO criteria. This includes citations, page titles, urls, image titles, keyword enriched copy, loading speed, and responsiveness. Good SEO keeps you high in the rankings, and is normally part of a website maintenance package.

Maintaining Security

Having reputable anti-malware or anti-virus on your website is a good start, but cyber threats are constantly evolving. A maintenance service will monitor your website for early warning signals, and new threats. If the worst happens and your website goes down, they’ll manage the situation and get you up and running again.

Keeping Your Website Updated

WordPress plugins give you the choice of hundreds of features on your website – but they all need to be updated regularly to keep them secure. Failure to update leaves backdoors open on your website which cyber criminals are able to exploit. A maintenance service will update your core software and plugins automatically.

Prompting Design Updates

Google rewards websites that regularly update their content, features, imagery and design. This could be about offering monthly promotional offers, or posting regular blog posts. Website maintenance services will normally offer a set number of hours each month for this purpose, prompting you to keep adding value for your customers.

Bespoke WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

There are plenty of website maintenance service providers to choose from, but it’s worth searching around to find one that suits your particular needs. Imagefix specialises in offering hands on, tailored maintenance packages that start out with the basics and grow as the client builds their company and their needs. We’re always available on the phone, which is something our clients like, and if there’s a problem we’re on it immediately.

If you feel that your business could benefit from cost-effective, tailored WordPress maintenance services, call us today on 01525 715608