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How is Social Media Changing in 2021?

How is Social Media Changing in 2021?

How is Social Media Changing in 2021?

After the year we’ve all just been through, you would expect to see some major changes in the use of social media. After all, we’ve used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to entertain us, stay in touch with friends and family, and stay informed as the COVID situation developed.

The Imagefix team is thoroughly plugged into social media channels because we manage a number of clients’ accounts. Throughout 2020 we noticed that businesses and individuals were changing the ways in which they interacted. So we’ve been doing a bit of research, and here’s what we’ve found out about the major ways in which social media is changing in 2021.

1. Has Social Media Use Increased in 2020/21?

Most people will probably be answering “It did in my household!” to that question, and the stats show that, too. UK internet users grew by 4% last year, meaning there’s now an eye-watering 65 million users in the UK alone! 1.3 new social media users swelled the ranks to 45 million. The average time we spend on social media each day is now 2 hours and 24 minutes.

This growth in social media usage has also led to a growth of 20% in social media advertising. That takes us to £3.1 billion spent in the past year.

2. The Rise of TikTok

TikTok was the clear winner of the attention ratings. in 2020. All the channels saw a bit of growth over the year but TikTok grabbed 14% of the action. This has left Instagram scrabbling to catch up, and they’ve made some headway with the introduction of Instagram Reels. Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn remained pretty static throughout the year, and Facebook even showed a minimal decline.

Both Instagram and TikTok now attract a huge number of 16-24 year olds who are considered a major target for small, medium or large brands.

3. What are People Doing on Social Media?

Knowing that there’s billions of social media users only takes you so far. The really key data for businesses tells you what they’re doing and looking for on social media. The most popular reason for being on social media has always been “staying in touch with friends”. This year, however, there was some diversification. The real growth areas were:

  • Keeping up to date with news and current affairs
  • Filling up spare time (there was lots of it!)
  • Looking for funny or entertaining content

Anyone using social media content as part of a brand awareness campaign now knows that users are actively searching for content that will inform, entertain or engage them.

Imagefix Social Media Takeaways for 2021

So what are the takeaways for the Imagefix digital marketing team? We’ll be taking a good look at TikTok and learning from the innovative way it tells stories using music and video. It’s also clear that social media users want to be part of a current conversation, whether it’s the latest news, or the funniest content. And the social media audience is growing and diversifying, so ads on Instagram are going to reach a large and influential group of young people who are looking for new ways to engage.

Looking for an agency to take care of your social media in 2021? You’ll be in good hands with the Imagefix team. Call us today on 01525 715608