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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

How Often Should You Update Your Website

Is Your Website Stuck in the Past?

Has your website been sitting untouched for a while? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses forget their website needs regular attention but neglecting it can hurt your bottom line.

Don’t lose valuable leads and sales with an outdated website. A fresh, modern website tells the world you’re a thriving business ready to do big things. Plus, it gives you a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers.

Think of website updates as a chance to improve your online presence and boost your business. It’s not just about changing the look, it’s about optimising your site for performance, user experience, and search engine visibility.

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3 Key Benefits Imagefix Can Provide:

Does Your Website Needs a Facelift?

A website update could be technical, design or content based. It’s any change you make to your site to improve its performance, SEO ranking, and value to customers. An update maybe as small as adding a new product page, or as big as a design refresh. To find out what your website needs, try out our quick assessment checklist:

Is your website…

Update Your Website – 4 Solutions From Imagefix

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, don’t worry! Imagefix is here to help. We offer a range of services to update your website, from speed optimisation and responsive design to SEO and content refresh. Here are 4 solutions we can provide:

1. Update Your Website’s Technical Setup

Slow loading times can frustrate visitors and send them clicking away. Imagefix can optimise your website for lightning-fast speed, ensuring every visitor accesses your site fast. Just imagine the increase in conversions when your site loads in under 2 seconds!

Outdated websites often struggle on mobile devices, leading to a poor user experience and missed opportunities. Imagefix will ensure your website is responsive, which means it will adapt to any screen size. Take full advantage of the mobile market and capture the attention of customers wherever they browse.

Without a clear roadmap, search engines might miss valuable content on your website, impacting your ranking and visibility. Imagefix can create a comprehensive sitemap, guiding search engines effortlessly to every corner of your website and boosting your SEO performance. Watch your search ranking climb and attract more qualified leads.

2. Content and Copy Updates to Your Website

Outdated or unclear copy can leave visitors confused and disinterested. Stale content and an inactive blog might send search engines the wrong message – that your website is a relic of the past.

Imagefix can breathe new life into your website! Our team can:

• Produce compelling copy. We’ll rewrite your website content and copy to be clear, concise, and persuasive, reflecting your brand’s unique voice and resonating with your target audience.

• Create effective content. We’ll develop a content strategy that keeps your website fresh and engaging. Weekly blog posts, engaging videos, and up-to-date news items will keep visitors coming back for more – and boost your SEO ranking.

• Manage your blog. Forget the weekly scramble! We can handle the entire blog creation process, from brainstorming topics to writing and editing, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Content and Copy Updates to Your Website

3. Search Engine Optimisation – Improve Online Visibility

Stuck way down the Google listings? If you’re buried in the search results, your website is invisible to potential customers.

Imagefix can change that. 100% of our clients rank in the top 5 Google search results for their product or service. We use proven SEO techniques and specialist tools to optimise your website for search engines. From keyword research to site structure improvements, we’ll make your website a magnet for relevant searches.

We start with an SEO website audit to check your current ranking and carry out a series of updates to improve your ranking status. We then continue to audit your website regularly in order to maintain your high ranking and attract qualified leads. More visibility means more customers and more opportunities for growth.

4. Website Design for Ease of Use

A clunky website with confusing navigation, hidden calls to action, and an overwhelming layout can be a conversion killer. Visitors get lost, frustrated, and leave without buying.

Let the Imagefix design team transform your website into a user-friendly search hub!

• Intuitive navigation. We’ll design a clear and concise menu that prioritises top sellers and guides visitors simply and easily through your products. 

• Air and space. We will declutter your design, giving your content room to breathe and making your website a pleasure to navigate. 

• Compelling calls to action. Clear and visible buttons will tell visitors exactly what to do next, whether it’s “Buy Now,” “Add to Basket,” or “Contact Us.”

• Efficient checkout. We’ll streamline your checkout process to eliminate friction and frustration. Secure data, intuitive steps, and fast completion are the order of the day.

• Product clarity. We’ll use compelling visuals and informative content to showcase your products and answer any questions before they arise. 

Working With Imagefix

At Imagefix, we don’t just talk about results, we deliver them. Our clients aren’t just numbers on a page; they’re businesses we see flourish. That’s why we provide you with transparent “before and after” reports showcasing your Google ranking surge and the real-world impact: a 30-50% organic traffic boost in your first 6 months with us.

Whether you need a quick speed optimisation or a complete website makeover, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tailor a solution to your specific needs and provide a detailed, upfront quote so you know exactly what you’re investing in. Your dedicated project manager will be your guide throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey.

Want to talk to us about how to update your website? Call Imagefix today to speak to one of our team – 01525 715608