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How to Use SEO Copywriting to Increase Sales

How to Use SEO Copywriting to Increase Sales

How SEO Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales

Here’s the problem: as a business you’ve decided to invest resources in the creation of blog posts each month. The person writing them is a specialist that understands the sector, and the business, and their blogs are really good. Trouble is your beautifully crafted business blogs never see the light of day on Google. Currently, they’re languishing on pages 10-15.

What’s the solution? Well, there’s a few ways to go with this. Let’s start with Google. Google has a mission to put the very best content in front of people using its search engine, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how it finds that content. SEO is a set of guidelines that makes your content ‘Google Ready’. SEO copywriting is the application of those guidelines to high quality content.

3 Ways to Make Your Content ‘Google Ready’

How can you turn your blog content into ‘Google Ready’ blog content that will rank?

  • Learn About SEO. There are a number of helpful online guides to help with this, and even understanding a few of the principles will help with your ranking.
  • Get Your Blog Optimised. An SEO copywriter eats and breathes SEO. They’ll know which high volume keywords to use, how to shape and format the content, and what the title should be. They won’t materially change the content.
  • Write a Brief. If you want SEO hard baked into your blog, you could write a content brief, hand over your research, and hire an SEO copywriter to do the work for you. There are sector specialists who write high quality SEO optimised content.

What Difference Does SEO Copywriting Make?

SEO allows Google to ‘read’ your blog in order to understand who it is for, whether it’s relevant, and what authority it has. It does this by analysing the words used repeatedly, the formal structure, and the links included. The results of the analysis determine the ‘quality’ of the blog, its relevance, and its ranking position.

Is Google fair in its ranking procedure? Yes, it is, insofar as it applies the same algorithms to every piece of content on the net. If you don’t understand SEO, however, it’s far from fair as you won’t have the same advantage as those who do.

How Long Before SEO Copywriting Yields Results?

There’s no simple answer to this. It depends upon the number of blogs you’re writing, the sector you’re in, and whether your website is SEO optimised. A business with a new website in a highly competitive sector may need to wait 6-9 months to see page one rankings on Google. For an established business, putting out 3-5 SEO optimised blogs each month, the journey will be much quicker.

What Results Can You Expect?

Google shows the top ten results for a search term on page one. The top 5 results on page one get 67.60% of clicks. A top ranking will increase visitors to your site; most businesses see at least a 100% increase. Not only that, your business will be viewed as ‘having authority’ once it appears anywhere on page one.

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