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How We Work With Our Customers on Web Design

How We Work With Our Customers on Web Design


How We Work With Customers on Their Web Design 

If you’re a local business in Bedfordshire, you’re likely to have come across Imagefix. Since 2006 we’ve been offering fast-loading, mobile friendly, good-looking web designs for businesses across the region. From the start, our aim has always been to help local companies make their products or services stand out and get noticed.

What we love about the work we do is the sheer variety of people and businesses we get to work with. From start-ups to international businesses, selling housing developments, toothpaste for childreninterior design features and mortgage services. Some of our customers are creating their first website, others are adding an e-Commerce element to a rapidly growing online business.

Putting People at the Heart of Our Services 

Imagefix customers are as individual as the websites we create for them. And because some people want to be hands off, and others like to get involved at every stage, we don’t have a standard approach. Instead we’ve created 5 stages of development, or milestones, which lead us to a completed website. No two customers engage in the same way, and we welcome the diversity. But so long as each stage is completed, your website design is guaranteed.

 Stage One – Understanding Your Business

Every web design we create is unique. Each one grows out of our designers’ understanding of what you do, why you do it, and what your business goals are. We always like to meet our customers face-to-face early on. If that’s not possible, we spend time on the phone, or on a web chat. Once we know how your business works, and who your competitors are, we’ll set to work on creating your design.

Stage Two – Mapping the User Experience

Next, we get inside the heads of your customers. We research what the buyer’s journey is from first visit, through differentiation, to purchase. This will form the basis of the site’s navigational structure. It will also give us a very clear idea of what content and resources need to go where. When we have the mapping in place, we work through it with clients for their feedback.

Stage Three – Creating a Design

Our design team always start by working on the home page. Drawing on the initial meet-up, previous websites and ongoing branding, we draft an initial design. This is then sent to the customer for feedback. The page could travel back and forwards numerous times as our customer decides on the exact look and feel. Or it could be accepted first time. We don’t mind either way, so long as we arrive at a design that works for our client.

Stage Four – Developing the Design

As soon as the home page is agreed our design team will develop the rest of the pages from that style. This part of the process can include copywriting and image sourcing, or enhancement. Our priority is always to create quality in every element of the site. This includes: loading speed, ease of navigation, readability of text, and high quality, good looking imagery or video.

Stage Five – Testing and Launch

This is the stage that requires a beady eye, and absolute vigilance. We check every single link, every piece of content, every feature included in the design, and every action that a visitor might attempt. It’s painstaking work, but it’s what sets us out from the rest. When we hand over a website to a client, they are guaranteed a high-quality site that’s a pleasure for users to visit.

 Imagefix Learns From Customer Feedback

We’ve learnt to trust our customers, and their feedback is the means by which we keep developing as a web design agency. Most important is the development of a relationship based on trust and honesty between our clients and ourselves. We take the time to make this happen, and we’re always delighted when our web design clients go on to use our marketing, SEO, and graphic design services.

 If you’re looking for a web design agency you can trust to make your product stand out, call Imagefix on 01525 715608 today to start the conversation.