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Imagefix Creates a Beautiful New Website for DirectStone Ltd

Imagefix Creates a Beautiful New Website for DirectStone Ltd

Working With DirectStone Ltd on Dynamic New Site

With years of experience offering website design in Bedford, the Imagefix team is always delighted when a highly photogenic website comes our way, so making a new website for DirectStone Ltd was a gift to work on. Polished stone and concrete is currently the flooring finish of choice if you’re looking for contemporary style and elegance.

DirectStone works with a range of materials such as marble, concrete or liquid screed to create stunning polished floors that are both durable and easy to maintain.

Letting the Product Speak for Itself

In our initial discussions with our client it was clear that the polished floors were the real ‘stars of the show’ so we wanted to create a clean-looking website that provided effortless navigation between a range of high-quality images accompanied by concise descriptions of the product and process. For our colour palette we chose muted greys as an ideal background to the lustrous colours and polishes of the stone and concrete floors.

Professional Web Design

Imagefix uses WordPress designs as the basis for unique, fully responsive websites designed to showcase clients’ products. Whilst our design team creates the site itself, we always consider the process a collaborative one in order to achieve the best results. DirectStone was presented with a draft of the website once the main features were in place; and were able to offer invaluable feedback and tweaks to the content.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

However beautiful the website design we create, it’s not enough on its own to ensure that your product gets the exposure it deserves. The internet is now an extremely crowded marketplace, and it’s important that potential customers can find their way to your product. In order to achieve a high search engine ranking for DirectStone, as a highly experienced digital marketing agency for Bedfordwe optimised the site through keyword research, mobile responsiveness, and the use of meta data, page titles and image names.

Working With Clients for the Best Results

The most successful websites are those that offer value to prospective customers by offering high quality content, beautiful imagery, easy navigation and useful resources. In every case we aim to provide the elements our clients need to get their website in front of as many potential customers as possible. We’re always delighted to hear that clients are happy with what we’ve created, and even more so when he hear that sales are increasing as a result of what we’ve done for them!

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