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Imagefix Creates a New Website for Age Verification Business

Instant Age Verification


Imagefix Creates a New Website Providing Instant Age Verification

Over the years the Imagefix team has designed websites for a wide range of products from cupcakes to security systems, but we still get excited when we’re asked to create a new website for an elegant solution to an ongoing problem. Online vendors are required, by law, to verify the age of consumers wishing to purchase goods such as e-cigarettes or alcohol. The internet has made this task particularly tricky because of the virtual nature of the transaction.

agechecked.com provides simple and efficient software which consumers can use to prove their identity. Once the verification is set up, it can be used for all online transactions and vendors can request it as a legal requirement.

Working With AgeChecked to Create Their Website

Each new website is unique, which is why we always spend time with our clients, getting to know their business and their vision, before getting down to work on the design and functionality of the site. AgeChecked wanted a clean looking site, reflecting the ease and simplicity of their age verification software.

The Imagefix design team created a WordPress site, using blue as the dominant theme colour, which ran through all the pages and copy. The nature of the solution – age verification – necessitated the inclusion of complex, and lengthy, regulations; we provided copywriting services which simplified the text and prioritised the relevant legal requirements.

Imagefix Provides an Experienced Website Design Team

A lot of our work comes through word of mouth, and the majority of our clients come to us because they’ve seen the designs we’ve created for others, and they’ve heard that when it comes to functionality, we have the experience to create the site you need. AgeChecked utilises specialist forms integrated into the Zoho Office Suite, an online software provider of CRM systems. This was a new application for us, but we were able to seamlessly integrate the required system functionality.

Our client is delighted with the new site which provides the technology required, but does so in a stylish and user-friendly manner. We will be doing ongoing SEO on the site, to ensure that it ranks highly in the major search engines, and we look forward to seeing this great solution being adopted as the norm for internet sales.

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