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Imagefix Creates Branding for Local Businesses

Imagefix Creates Branding for Local Businesses

Imagefix Creates Branding for Local Business 

We find that Spring’s the time when businesses think about refreshing their branding. This year’s been no different and we’ve been working with a number of Bedfordshire businesses on their branding recently. It’s always a delight to be part of this process, as it allows us to get to know the businesses we work with better. But it’s also a great opportunity for companies to take a step back, and rethink the way they’re presenting themselves to their customers.

Creating a New Brand Identity 

For new businesses, the task is to create a look and feel for the business which will attract customers, and make them want to engage with you. This means finding a way to represent your business and your values through design, colour, and texture. We’ll normally begin the branding process through the creation of business cards. We look for ways to capture the style and ethos of your company by creating a visual and tactile impact.

Refreshing Your Brand is Invigorating 

Your brand isn’t a ‘one off’ event. It’s something that grows and develops with your business. Take a look at any of the iconic logos such as Amazon, or Twitter, you’ll see that endless tweaking over the years has kept the imagery and colour current and contemporary. We may think we’re looking at something we’ve always seen, but in fact we’re looking at a dynamic brand that continues to evolve.

Most of the companies we work with don’t have the luxury of refreshing their branding regularly. Instead, we tend to get involved at a moment when there’s a change of premises, or a new team taking the business forward. A branding refresh is all about re-energising the look and feel of your company.

Working With Urban Charging on a New Brand Identity 

Urban Charging is an exciting new Bedfordshire business that recognises the growing need for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging in our towns and cities. They were looking for business cards to emphasise their environmental values, and their use of clean, contemporary technology.

The Imagefix design team created a logo that told the Urban Charging story visually. Just a quick glance at the business card gives you clear, articulate information about what they do. We chose green as the predominant colour, to emphasis their values, and offset this with a simple white strip. The speedometer is picked out using spot UV coating. This adds a contemporary sheen, and a tactile differentiator to the design.

1st Choice Brand Refresh with Imagefix 

Imagefix has been working with 1st Choice Security Systems over a number of years now. The growth and development of the successful Bedfordshire business meant that it was time for a brand refresh, starting with their business cards. They were also keen to update their branding colour palette, for a new generation of security systems.

Our design team began with the logo. We replaced the original, which featured a keyhole, with a more active and solid key, and added the ‘wireless’ symbol to bring the imagery up to date. The new logo also incorporates the security gates which are at the heart of the business. 1st Choice thoroughly approved of the strong orange, grey and white colour palette we suggested, and were delighted by the idea of using spot UV to pick out the logo on their cards.

Imagefix Collaborates for Success with Bedford Businesses 

At Imagefix we enjoy working with local businesses because we become an integral part of their journey. We see branding as a collaboration that starts with a conversation. Once we know how a business sees itself, and what it does, we help our clients to tell their story clearly and engagingly to their customers.

 Looking for a branded business card that sells your business, and engages your customers? Call Imagefix today on 01525 715608, and let’s start a conversation.